31 Weeks

Only two months left!  My mom actually bought Baby Lady her very first gifts.  She is lucky to have an Abueyay.  I still have to buy a  new car seat for Wren.  She is a little bit, but I think she has finally outgrown her infant seat.  Besides, Baby Lady is going to need it in a few weeks!  Do you guys have any convertibles that you like?  We have been happy with all of our Gracos, but admittedly, we haven’t tried anything else.  They seem to have good safety ratings and be reasonably priced.

And, you knew it was coming: The Horrible Doctor’s Office Selfie!!


I passed my glucose screening with a 72 (apparently that is passing)!  Baby Lady’s heartbeat sounded strong, and I am measuring 32 weeks.  I was a bit dismayed at being a week ahead, but only because I am still traumatized from having polyhydramnios with Wren and constantly measuring ten weeks ahead her whole pregnancy!  It was awful.  I had a friend who was pregnant with twins who had a smaller belly than I.  Very discouraging. Anyhow, I suppose I can take measuring 1 week ahead without panicking.  My OB was not alarmed.  I went ahead and scheduled my C section, and I guess I should fill out my pre-registration papers for the hospital.  All of this stuff I need to do before the baby gets here sure has snuck up on me!

What the other girls have been up to lately:



Ruth has been a great helper lately.  She wakes up in the morning, changes into her clothes, goes downstairs, gets herself some breakfast and turns on Disney Junior until the rest of us are up.  I just have to leave out her breakfast where she can reach it and make sure the TV is turned to Disney before we go to bed.  She is doing great with her letters and can identify most of them (plus what sounds they make) and she writes “C”s and “T”s like a pro.  She is a great helper in the kitchen too.  I just love this age and how you can finally have conversations with them.  The way their little minds work is hilarious and fascinating.



Rosie is, well, two.  She is finally at the age where she can play games with Ruthie, but they still fight incessently.  I am hoping against hope it is just a phase.   They really do have fun with each other when they are not fighting. She loves sleeping in, her sparkly running shoes, Cinderella, and a stuffed pink bunny with a tutu she calls, “Ballerina Angel.”  She always has skinned knees from running around trying to keep up with big sister.   She is still a snuggler, and I hate that she can’t lay on me any more because it is starting to hurt my ginormous belly.  So, she has been making do with cuddling a lot with Daddy lately.



Wren still isn’t walking yet, but she will walk while holding onto just one of our hands and cruises or pushes things all over the place. She hates the gated play area we made for her to keep her out of trouble, but if we leave the gate open and she wanders in of her own accord, she will permit you to close the gate behind her.  She is a feisty little bit who isn’t afraid to pull the hair of the older sister that steals her toys out of her hands. When she gets sleepy, she grabs onto the nearest soft thing, puts it against her cheek and sucks her thumb. The sheer cuteness of this display gets me every time.  She eats with a healthy appetite and can out-eat even Rosie in a sitting.  Why she is still such a petite thing is a mystery to me.  She loves stealing her sisters’ Cheerios and sippy cups.

My OB keeps asking me what Baby Lady’s name is.  And every time I tell her we don’t know yet.  I’m hoping we’ll have one by the time we have to put something on the birth certificate.


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10 Responses to 31 Weeks

  1. We just got a Graco for Elizabeth (she is too tall for her infant seat!) and it is awesome!

    Also, I love your leggings in your dr. office selfie :).

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  2. Sarah says:

    Not too much longer! I just love little Wren’s infectious smile 🙂
    We are currently in the process of trying to find new convertible car seats for the two year olds that will allow us to fit 3 seats in a row in the back of the SUV. I am resisting the mini van upgrade for as long as possible!

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    • sylcell says:

      You are a cool mom in your SUV! When we went to buy a minivan, the salesman was telling us that all the hip couples wanted SUVs and not minivans, and we knew we would have too many children to be hip! Elise in the comment above had some good suggestions on three across! Also Grace Patton on the blog Camp Patton has a great 3 across car seat post.


  3. Elise says:

    Our small commuter car recently was rear-ended and we now have been researching like crazy to figure out which two car seats to purchase as replacements for the two in the broken car. Insurance of the other driver will cover the cost of the seats. Our 9 month old is almost done with her bucket seat (we have the exact same one as you!). We have decided to get a Britax Boulevard Click tight (google the video, really neat install), and another Diono Raidian XLT. The Dionos can fit three across and are very safe. Others that I also considered the most expensive car seat I’ve ever seen, but very neat, the Clek Foonf (also fit three across). I also like the Graco myride 65. The diono, britax, and clek are all very heavy, but it’s because they have steal frames. It’s been a few years since I researched the options out there and I was very surprised by the new features and options available! YouTube videos are helpful in seeing how the seats install and adjust.

    Happy your pregnancy is going well! Love the blog updates!

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    • sylcell says:

      Very interesting, searching on Youtube hadn’t occurred to me! What a good idea, thank you. We have an Odyssey, so we won’t have to sit three across . . . . . . yet. Maybe with number five, LOL. I will check all of those out, thank so much for the suggestions!


  4. Courtney says:

    1. your kids are adorable. 2. I think we have an Evenflo or Graco convertible seat. 3. you’re making me want to be pregnant again with that adorable belly. stop it. 4. I’m terribly behind on your blog. 😐

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  5. Melissa Erb says:

    I have the track Natulis 3-1 and I love it. The only down fall is it is kind of heavy. But you won’t have to buy wren another car seat.


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