Fabulous Ladies Night

So, for the past few months my sisters, mom, and I decided to form a book club.  We call ourselves the “Fabulous Ladies” (for obvious reasons) and we meet once or twice a month to “discuss” the book we are all “reading.”  I put “reading” in quotation marks because we get a little lax on the reading part.  I put “discuss” in quotation marks because we spend most of the time discussing whatever makes us laugh until our sides hurt and might find some time to touch on the book we have assigned ourselves out of sheer guilt and obligation.  

Well, for yesterday’s edition of Fabulous Ladies Night, we decided to try something new and make some homemade sugar scrubs together.  I liked this idea because I am craft impaired (everything I make ends up looking like something from a kindergarten class rather than something from Marth Stewart) and this craft seemed hard to mess up. My sister hosted our little party in her posh apartment and she was a wonderful hostess.  She had snacks and the sugar scrub ingredients all set up for us when we arrived.  Did I mention she had delicious snacks?  Because pregnant mama likes to eat.



We all mixed up different recipes and they all smelled divine.  Mom’s lemon peppermint concoction smelled especially divine, though. The woman should start her own apothecary.  You know, if people still used those places.  Perhaps essential oils. She could sell those.  Those are the new apothecary.  Anyway, I digress.  My sister got the most precious little jars to put our scrubs in to take home.  We were all very pleased with our results.  I can’t wait to start using mine!



My sisters would like me to point out that they were responsible for the perfection that is the staging of these photos.  Move over, Martha Stewart! 

It has been so good for me to be able to take a break from the daily grind and spend some quality time with my best friends in the whole world, namely, my mom and my sisters. I really cherish our relationship and am glad that we have remained so close, in locale and in friendship.  I hope and pray that I can foster good relationships between my children so that they will have lifelong loving bonds with each other as well.  


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8 Responses to Fabulous Ladies Night

  1. Melissa says:

    I came across a post on another blog, and I thought of you and your sweet girls, and I wanted to tell you about it, but I didn’t want to comment on your Easter post with it, so here we are:


    Kind of sad, but important to at least be aware about.

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  2. katylady says:

    Amen to sister time. Or as I like to say, “Why make friends when you have sisters?” (Gotta love introvert humor)

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  3. How fun! I wish I lived closer to my sisters.

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  4. rache823 says:

    Share some of our secret recipes?


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