Ghosts of Valentines Past

Because Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to dress your babes up in hearts and pinks and reds and take pictures. We all do it. It is some sort of mom compulsion that we cannot resist. 

Exhibit A.

Valentine’s Day, 2012  
New mom Sylvia takes a grainy dark picture of her precious first born in a heart onesie, pink pants, and I even manage to sneak the hearts on her socks in there. Too much? Never. People who saw that pop up on their feeds all groaned and rolled their eyes, but new moms gotta mamarazzi, especially on holidays.

Next up, Valentine’s Day 2013:

Not sure why newborn Rose didn’t make it into the annual V Day photo shoot. I was probably still reeling from the whole now I have more than one child thing. And, apparently I had just discovered PicStitch. 

And Valentine’s Day 2014:

The standards are visibly lower, my friends. Impromptu pink baby blanket “backdrop,”: check.  Didn’t manage to wrench the toys from the older girls’ hands or the paci from Rosie’s mouth: check. No one is looking at the camera: check. And we’re looking up Wren’s nose. Photography skills, I’ve got ’em. But to be fair, I had delivered a baby a few weeks before this. I’m actually pretty impressed with their outfits. 

Valentine’s Day 2015:

Still got the blanket backdrop going on, and the PicStitch obsession has reached a fever pitch. 

And lastly, Valentine’s Day 2016:

Have the standards officially hit rock bottom? I mean, the blanket backdrop really can’t get much worse, for one. Stay tuned, my friends. 

I hope your V Day was a good one, whether you be one of those who celebrate it with grand romantic gestures or elaborate crafts with the kids, or be you a Valentine Grinch, or all those who fall somewhere in between. 


About sylcell

Wife, mom of four girls, Catholic, insatiable sweet tooth
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2 Responses to Ghosts of Valentines Past

  1. Love this post…so much truth 😄 coming from a Momma who just birth (okay 3 months ago, not quite yesterday) . I do
    notice that I do need give in to some ideals and live the present life and find the little moments.

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