30 weeks and the perinatologist 

I got to see Baby Lady’s sweet face again today! I went to the perinatologist to have a follow up high res ultrasound of Baby Lady’s heart to double check and see that everything still looks good now that her heart is a little bigger and they can see it better. With our history of congenital heart defects  (Ruth had two holes in her heart called VSDs that closed up before she turned six months and of course Wren has a stenosis, or narrowing, of her pulmonary artery), our perinatologist wanted to be doubly sure that nothing was wrong with this baby’s heart. 

It was also fun to see our sweet baby girl number four again. She is already head down (I suspected as much from the kicks I have been receiving in my lungs and rib cage) so her face was a little hidden, but we did get a nice profile and saw her sticking her tongue out at us (little rascal already!) 

The good news is that everything still looks perfectly perfect with her heart! He said she is still too small for them to detect any small VSDs, but her pulmonary artery looks wide open and  is functioning as it should. Now, we are considering the advisability of seeing another specialist for a fetal echocardiogram (which is what the perinatologist wants us to do). We pretty much pay for all of our own medical bills, so we really have to weigh whether each expensive procedure is worthwhile. 

Here is my massive 30 week bump that I am futilely attempting to mask behind a black shirt. 

Baby Lady’s heart rate was a solid 145 and the ultrasound tech said she is 3 lbs 9 oz. In our experience, those ultrasound estimates on the babies’ weights are wildly inaccurate, but it sure feels like I am hauling around a lot of weight in front. My back is already starting to ache. The heartburn has been manageable thanks to Nexium, and usually that is only an early third trimester problem for me and once the baby drops it goes away. Still extremely nauseated every morning (yay!) I have been having a few B-H contractions here and there, and my round ligament pain is killing me if I roll out of bed wrong. Baby must be growing! 

I haven’t heard about my glucose screen last week, and I’m assuming no news is good news. I’ll find out for certain at my next OB appointment next week. How am I at the point of seeing my OB every other week now?!!

In case you were wondering about the other three Bass girls, they are doing well. 

Wren had a cute outfit on, but she spilled milk all over it. Hence the nakey baby. 

I am so relieved that everything still looks good with Baby Lady! 9(ish) weeks to go! I guess we should start actually making some preparations? (The difference between the first baby and the fourth baby, haha).


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11 Responses to 30 weeks and the perinatologist 

  1. morgan says:

    I’m so happy that Baby Bass #4 seems to be healthy 🙂 With all the worrying I did during my three pregnancies with perfectly healthy (but FAT) babies I cannot imagine how it must be to really have reason to be worried…
    Shoot forgot what I wanted to add, one of mine is crying. Good night!

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  2. I am the retard that accidentally posted this comment on your potty training post, when I MEANT to put it here, where it makes more sense:
    love your blog. 🙂 And your belly is not huge. Nope. You look great–unless you want it to be huge, in which case, it’s huge compared to mine….only there is no baby in mine, not even a little one. Ha!

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  3. beverley Baggett says:

    So glad to hear everything looks good and your other 3 are just the most adorable!!!

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  4. Ashley P says:

    Well this is our first time waiting. For our other two we found out at 13 weeks and we have both so we thought this time it would be exciting to wait. Since delivery is already so amazing I just can’t imagine how much better it will be to find that out in that moment too!

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  5. Only 9 more weeks! Can’ wait to find out what Baby Lady’s name will be. I thought it was probably high time to send you my obnoxious list of baby name ideas because I really hated when people did that to me and I’m never using any of my baby names again, and I have a few R’s: Ruby, Reagan (please!), Rita, Rainey, Rhett.

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  6. Ashley P says:

    So happy to see that the baby is doing well. You look great! Our bellies almost look the same and I am 4 1/2 months lol. I have my anatomy scan next week. Hoping no one slips and says boy or girl while scanning haha. Keep posting. This and two other blogs is the only thing I read on the Internet. I refuse to read anything negative these days! Your blog brightens my days.

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    • sylcell says:

      Thank you so much! I am so excited for you! I just love the 20 week scan. It is the second most exciting thing about pregnancies right behind the delivery;) And I admire your patience. I am way too impatient to wait until the delivery to find out the gender. But I’ll bet it makes the delivery even more incredible!


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