Labor Day Weekend with a side of Agony

Hello, dear readers! I hope both of you had a lovely Labor Day Weekend. We had an interesting one.

We spent most of the weekend with my parents, which was exceedingly enjoyable. I’m sure they were getting real tired of us, but hey, if you offer us a meal (or six), we are not going to turn it down. It was like that scene in “Winnie the Pooh,” where Rabbit half-heartedly invites Pooh to stay for lunch purely as a matter of form, and much to Rabbit’s dismay, Pooh accepts and eats Rabbit out of house and home. That’s what you get for being polite! 

My hip candy for the weekend. Some day we are actually going to paint that horrid bathroom.

Scott was totally blissed out for the grand opening of college football season. He and my dad spent hours glued to the tube. Mom and I decided that we are going to pick three months a year to watch “The Bachelor in Paradise” for about eight consecutive hours every Saturday. We’ll see how that goes over with the menfolk. 

I kid. Scott was kind enough to take all of us to a local art festival on Labor Day because getting her face painted was all Ruth would talk about. Luckily, the art festival was located adjacent to the courthouse, so Scott was able to expertly maneuver us to prime parking since he has to go to that courthouse all the time.

She really wanted this “swan” on her face, and we hadn’t the heart to tell her it was an eagle. Also, the patriotic outfit that matches her patriotic face paint choice was all her decision. ‘Murica. Rose wanted the butterfly. Wren and Rhea were hot.

Go Wildcats! (My old high school). My alma mater has sent us bibs for the births of Ruth and Rhea, but not for Rose and Wren. Not sure what they’re trying to tell me there. Maybe the typical bib allotment is two. Anyway, I wish we had them for each child because we love them.

We wandered around trying to find some food because hunger meltdowns were imminent. There were no street vendors, though, and all of the restaurants were packed to capacity. So, we decided to pack it up and head over to the nearby prominent barbecue joint called Williamson Brothers.

Now it’s time to play where are Scott and Wren? I had assumed that they were behind me the whole time, but apparently not. 

The Bass family did themselves proud at the barbecue joint.  We all tucked it in with enthusiasm.



 The fork  in the lovely napkin wedding dress is in the process of walking down the aisle.  

So, onto the agony. Those of my dear readers who are not into reading about my maladies feel free to stop reading here. I won’t be offended, I promise. 

I  woke  up on Thursday morning with some soreness. I assumed it was a clogged duct and simply fed on that side as much as possible. But it only got worse and nursing Rhea was becoming unbearable. The overall soreness was gone, so I assumed Rhea had injured me while drawing out the clog. If only.

Long story short, it spread to both sides, and every feeding was agony. Like shards of glass, I feel like I’m burning alive agony.  I texted my friend who is also a Bradley Method birth coach and has had two unmedicated child births and told her this must be how bad the pain is during childbirth. She was a good sport about it and humored me.
Naturally the worst of this happens during the holiday weekend when all of the doctors’ offices are closed. It wasn’t bad enough for me to go the emergency room, but it might have been good to call the after hours line and have them page my OB. I would have felt guilty interrupting their holiday weekend for a non-emergency though, so I simply suffered all weekend. Don’t worry, I offered all of this up, so a legion of sinners must have been converted.  Ha! Nothing like offering something up to really put it into perspective. “This is worth at least two conversions, right God?” 

Dr. Google diagnosed my ailment as thrush.  Rhea’s mouth looks fine and she hasn’t had a diaper rash, but Dr. Google said it is sometimes asymptomatic in babies. So first thing this morning I called my OB to get a prescription for an anti-fungal. I was hoping for some pain medication too, but no dice. Looks like I’m going to have to live with this pain for a while longer. My pediatrician’s office has been less helpful. They told me that since Rhea didn’t have any symptoms, they couldn’t prescribe her anything. “Bullsh*t!,” I said. “If I have it, then she has it. And it is going to be pointless for me to be treating myself if she is just going to reinfect me every time I nurse.” The nurse sputtered and told me she would speak with the doctor  and get back with me. I’m not sure if she was sincere or just trying to blow me off. It has been three hours and I am about to have to do another excruciating feeding, so I am thinking about calling them back and giving them hell.  If I’m coming off as cranky, it is because I am so cranky. Sorry, nurses. Work with me here. 

In the meantime, I have been boiling all the pacis for 20 minutes, washing all my sheets and towels in vinegar and baking soda, and washing and drying all my undergarments in the sun.  I’m also having to let myself stay dry and air out as much as possible. The nurse at the OB’s office said once I start taking the medication, the pain is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. It’s a good thing I picked a real easy and low key malady to have. 

Have any of you dealt with thrush? What did you do to clear it up? Any and all advice would be appreciated. I have never had it before with any of my other babies, and it is really kicking my tail.


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21 Responses to Labor Day Weekend with a side of Agony

  1. morgan says:

    Oh No! That sounds like *OUCH* I hope you are feeling better now?!?
    Never had thrush but had to go through mastitis twice (with the same kid. the youngest) and my daughter took a healthy bite out of my nipple once. That took about 3 weeks to heal (it was that phase when they get easily distracted while nursing but still want not want to loose that stupid nipple. I must love her really really much for not immediately weaning her 😉 ). ouch. ouch ouch.

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    • sylcell says:

      I am feeling MUCH better, but I’m having to take an oral antifungal and give Rhea an antifungal several times a day. Even with doing all that, I’m still dealing with some intermittent soreness. But definitely a marked improvement from last weekend!! Thank you for asking 😘😘


  2. Sara says:

    1. I’m feeling particularly sparkly thanks to that shout out… like Edward Cullen sparkly.
    2. I’m so sorry you’re in thrushing pain. I hope it subsides soon!!!!!

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  3. Natali says:

    I’m sorry to hear you have thrush and are getting little help from the professionals. I read on another blogger I follow, having used garlic. It was recommended to her by her midwife. I can’t seem to find that particular post, but I’m sure if you google “garlic remedies for thrush” something will come up. She said she felt relief by the 2nd day. I hope this helps!

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  4. Can’t say I have but if baby lady gets it down below, lotrimin (yes the foot stuff). My littlest one just had the joy of that thus weekend too ;(

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  5. Ashley P says:

    I had thrush before. It is the worst burning pain sensation ever agh!!! My pediatrician prescribed an anti-fungal that I had to put on a qtip and swab in my babies mouth. I also had to swab on myself. I hate to say this…. But I cannot remember the name for the life of me! I will surely comment back if I figure it out or can even call them tomorrow to ask. I pray it goes away soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! They gave us Nystatin. Does that sound like what they gave you?


      • Ashley P says:

        Yes! That’s it. I knew it was a funny name. It went away within a few days. I caught it early both times and they called in the meds right away. My son will be four weeks tomorrow and so far we have been good. Crossing my fingers! I saw Rhea in her Bulldogs onesie… My sister in law is in dental hygiene school at UL Monroe! I graduated from UL but UL Lafayette. But I am a born and bred LSU fan 😜 anyways that was off topic 😂 I will pray for you and sweet Rhea tonight that yall may both have relief soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      • sylcell says:

        Hey, SEC all the way, baby. When we were in Athens, LSU fans were by far my favorite. A very classy bunch. So I can say “Geaux Tigers” until it is time for them to play the dawgs! 😂😂 And thank you so much. I don’t want to jinx it, but I feel better already.


      • Ashley P says:

        Oh and in case you didn’t realize… Georgia played UL Monroe this past weekend lol I wasn’t sure by your enthusiasm of your husband being glued to the TV that you watched the game! Who has time to watch football when you are raising a cute miniature cheer squad ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      • sylcell says:

        It’s funny, I used to be such a die hard fan and watched all the games religiously, but I really haven’t been watching since oh, the third baby or so. But Scott, of course, always catches me up on everything I missed 😆


  6. Megan says:

    I’m currently battling a case of thrush in just my little nugget. I have no signs of it yet but she definitely has it and it on an anti fungal. I would try the mothers love salve. It seems to be working for us.

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  7. katylady says:

    God bless. Poor you. I’ve only been struck by the nightmare that is mastitis (three times since January), haven’t had thrush (yet). I’m sure you’ve googled it and infinitum, but LLL suggested shorter/more frequent nursing AND says baby and mama must be treated (if you need some backup with that pesky pediatrician’s office). Also, I dearly hope you take some extra strength Tylenol or Motrin (I took my leftover-from-delivery 800mg ibuprofen when I had the mastitis). You shouldn’t have to put up with the pain and neither of those will hurt Rhea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sylcell says:

      Yeah, the pain is really interfering with my let-down because I’m so tensed up. I have been taking as much ibuprofen as I can. Still fighting with the pediatrician’s office for a script . . . . .


  8. Oh no! I haven’t had thrush so no words of wisdom but I’m so sorry. Will also has a stylish little wildcat bib. The development office didn’t mail it until after I had quit, so apparently there’s a communication breakdown over there and they were not yet aware I’m on the black list.

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