Doubling Down: Wren is 18 months and Rhea is 2 months! (Update)

Because I know you probably don’t have the patience for a novel about Wren at 18 months and a separate novel about Rhea at 2 months.


So I skipped a 1 month update for her, but hash to the tag fourth baby. (Geez, I read so much of this amazing blog I’m starting to sound like her. Oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). Rhea had her two month appointment today, which is a rough one because she got shots in both of her chubby legs. 

She is a big chunk of love, 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for length. I put her in my Ergo for the first time in order to transport both her and Wren to their appointments (I always double up on appointments if I can) and she didn’t love it. But it was almost her nursing time. The nurses loved her, cooing over her an appropriate amount and holding her when I was busy with Wren. They had my nurse stamp of approval.

Milestones: Cooing! Rhea loves to coo and is even close to babbling! She has been smiling for a few weeks now too. She has the Hobgood (my dad’s side of the family) smile for sure. She also tracks things with her eyes really well.

Sleep: She has pretty normal sleeping patterns for her age. She sleeps the most at the beginning of the night, usually from 9 pm-2 or 3 am. Then she gets a feed and she is back down from 3 am-5 or 6 am, then another feed and she is down until it is time to get up for the day at 9 am. This is a rough night schedule for me because I am a night owl and have a hard time falling asleep before 11 pm. Also, I don’t find having to hurry up and fall asleep because the baby is asleep and could wake up at any moment (!!) very relaxing. Hoping to eliminate that 5-6 am feeding soon. I tried dream feeding her when I went to bed, but that didn’t change her schedule any. 


Wren is holding steady at 50th percentile for weight and height. She started crying the second we entered the elevator in the medical building and didn’t stop until we entered it again on our way out. Well, there was a brief moment here where she stared at the camera. 

 Why yes, I did try the worse than useless lollipops again. And once again ended up covered in tears and sticky drool. It was pretty difficult to hear the pediatrician over her relentless screams, but I think the pediatrician said she was doing fine.

Milestones: Wren is walking great and is very close to running. She climbs the stairs every chance she gets, points to things she wants, barks when she sees dogs, obeys complex instructions, and plays pretend with food, phones, babies, and cars. If I hear her clapping and saying “yay!” I know she has thrown something into the trash can that probably doesn’t belong there. When I turned the trash can toward the wall to foil her attempts to throw everything we own into the trash, I watched her pull the trash can away from the wall and toss a sippy cup in there without missing a beat. She is slow with her speech, only saying about 10 single words without stringing any of them together (mama, dada, uh oh, shoes, ball, “nana” for banana), but she will make sounds with inflections that sound just like “the end” and “there she is!” But the pediatrician said as long as she is improving, however slowly, that I shouldn’t be concerned. Easy for her to say.

Sleep: She sleeps great! Heck, some mornings I have to wake her up!

She has some molars coming up that are causing her some agony. I asked the pediatrician about her recent whininess and clinginess, but she chalked it up as a reaction to the new baby. Oooooooook.

Somewhere the wires got crossed when I was scheduling this appointment and we saw someone who wasn’t our usual pediatrician. I was looking forward to it, though, because it was a pediatrician that came highly recommended when I was pregnant with Ruth but she unfortunately wasn’t taking new patients. She lived up to the hype. She had studied Wren and Rhea’s charts and files before our appointment and I was able to discuss everything with her without having to explain everything and try to figure out what she did and did not know. She did ask me how many children I have and their ages. When I told her, her eyes widened in panic as she asked me in an alarmed manner if I had any help at home. I was taken aback by the question, but I appreciated her concern and assured her that I have a nanny/helper that comes twice a week and my mom lives five minutes away. (Not sure what I’m going to do when my helper leaves for college! Wahhhh!) I hope it didn’t look too much to her like I didn’t have my sh** together. I mean, I was only nursing my 2 month old on one leg in my lap while holding a book in front of my wailing 18 month old on my other leg. (No picture of this heroic feat, alas.)

When we got to the car, Wren was still crying and a hungry Rhea had joined in the chorus of cries. I started rummaging around in the diaper bag in vain for the snacks I keep in there. While rummaging, I pulled out one of Rhea’s bottles, and Wren started pointing to it desperately. Fine, Wren, anything to stop the madness! 

  Making a liar out of me right after I had proudly told the pediatrician she was off the bottle.
It kept her quiet and content while I nursed the babe in the front seat and scrolled through Instagram because what else do I do while nursing? Oh yeah, chase my other children. And with two fed and contented littles, I was able to head back home with another successful(?) outing under our belts.

In other news, I am making another attempt at potty training Rose. Am I a little bit crazy? Probably, but I am over having three in diapers. Will I clog the internets with a post about it? Only if our adoring public demands it. But probably yes. Stay tuned!


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13 Responses to Doubling Down: Wren is 18 months and Rhea is 2 months! (Update)

  1. Your baby(s) milestones have been put across so well. It just feels like I am actually reading a story and not a comparison chart, really! Have a wonderful motherhood. Besides, you are truly doing a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alana says:

    Is it bad I think Rhea sleeps well? My dear son has changed my perception on a goodnight’s sleep in more ways than I can count. She is such a healthy little thing. Gorgeous as anything and no longer a skinny newborn. I love it when they fill out a bit. I feel for dear Wren! I don’t blame her for not wanting to be there. In terms of speech, my son was similar if not less talkative at 18 mos. It was something that certainly gave me a bit of pause. Recently, however, he has basically personified the concept of “language explosion”. I would imagine in no time at all, you’ll be moved by how much Wren can suddenly say.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sylcell says:

      I know! I never have chubby newborns, but they make up for lost time! Rhea is definitely better than she was those first few weeks and I’m hoping she’ll start waking less and less (hahahahaha!). We’ll see. It was a seven month constant struggle at night with Wren. And I’m hoping Wren warms up to doctors because she has to see a lot of them 😕


    • sylcell says:

      And your son’s story gives me comfort!


  3. Kim Johnston says:

    I have purchased the baby underwear and I’m considering joining the potty training bandwagon this weekend. Maybe every time I clean up the floor I can say a prayer for you and vise versa. I suppose I should google how to potty train a child today since this will be my first go.
    Also, are you concerned with how much I love Rhea… because I am a little worried for myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sylcell says:

      Bah, all of that advice is pretty worthless anyhow. Every kid is different and responds to different things, and when they are ready things just click and they slowly progress. Rose hasn’t had an accident all day, but I know now that I said this I’m going to jinx it, LOL. And you are welcome to Rhea. The only catch is that you will be having her at night ;p


  4. Lynn says:

    adorable! three in diapers was the worst! I am so glad to be back down to two. I am hoping to make it one soon, but this little girl is proving harder then the boys to potty train…. girls are easier then boys my butt.

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  5. dsudatta says:

    Such adorable children!! God bless!!

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