In which Rhea is baptized (aka, shameless photo dump)

In the Catholic tradition, you are supposed to baptize your child as soon as possible, and for me that has never been any sooner than 2 months. (You Catholic mamas who can manage it sooner than that, my hat is off to you!) Not to mention, Cuban moms have been known to secretly baptize your baby if they think you are taking too long to do it, so I try to get on the ball as soon as possible. There are no fewer than six (seven, if you include me) Cuban moms in my family, so I’m not taking any chances.

     I wonder if my extended family noticed that she was wearing this outfit the night before? Our weekend was just that crazy, folks. My family alone accounted for almost 30 invitees who were attending, so Scott and I were freaking out about hosting that many people at our house for the reception afterward. But I am getting ahead of myself. Firstly, Rhea was baptized! 



  The high heels seemed like a good idea at the time, but I was really regretting them later. Also, Ruth and Rose kept wandering up to join us during the baptism. Unconventional perhaps, but toddlers happen.

Rhea did perfectly during the baptism. We popped her paci in her mouth, and she was sleeping peacefully the whole time. Scott kept a vigilant eye on her, though, because we are still scarred from the time we brought a colicky Ruth to be baptized and she screamed so loudly no one could hear the priest and the whole church felt uncomfortable. But Rhea even slept through the water being poured over her head. That was a first. Not even Rose was that laid back. I found myself getting teary eyed (common theme here, I know) as the deacon introduced a newly baptized Rhea to the church. Is it weird that I CAN’T WAIT until their First Holy Communions? Talk about being a mama puddle of emotion. Motherhood, what have you done to me?! 


 Scott and his dad (Paw Paw)

 All hail the paci

   Rosie and her friend, Emma

 Wren has been going through a SUPER CLINGY stage lately. Mom says it is new baby jealousy, I say it is the molars she is pushing through.

 Rhea’s Godmother (my SIL) on the far right, Rhea’s Godfather (my BIL) on the far left  

  Then it was time for the party at our house. Scott and I hadn’t been stressing about it all week at all. ## (Scott tells me the two pound signs denote sarcasm amongst the young folks on their Twitters. He’s hip.) The baptism was right smack dab during lunch (12:30 pm), so we didn’t know whether to serve lunch or not. We decided to err on the side of not having hungry guests, so we got sandwiches from Costco, chips, fruit, and a full sheet cake. We doubled it because, you know, 30 people! I don’t know what happened because we still have a whole container full of sandwiches and half a cake. I guess we’ll get the hang of this feeding the small army that is our family eventually. Don’t get me wrong, having a huge family is wonderful. We have the best time when we all get together. They are just difficult to feed. Anybody have tips on easy and budget-friendly ways to feed a large family? I guess having too much is better than ending up with too little! 

 Ruth and Rose were only there for the cake.

Shoutout to my aunt, uncle, and cousins who made the 7 hour turned 9 hour (thanks, Atlanta traffic)  trip from Tampa without air conditioning just to see Rhea get baptized. You guys are the best. We can tell that you love us the most;)

Ruth and Rose had a good time at “Rhea’s party” and were very well behaved. They make me one proud mama. 


  I did put pretty bows in their hair, but of course they were missing by the time we got in the car to leave for the church.
Welcome to the Church, Rhea! I shall follow your path toward sainthood with interest;)


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24 Responses to In which Rhea is baptized (aka, shameless photo dump)

  1. morgan says:

    ha! big family parties. I can tell you about that. Whatever the festivity, “Just the usual suspects” already includes about 30 people (and growing).
    We usually make something that can be prepared easily the day before like chili or pasta with tomato sauce / bolognese sauce. Both only taste better the day after cooking. Or a barbecue. And everyone contributes to the party, like bringing a salad or a cake. It’s family tradition.

    This might not work for every family, but our families (on both sides!) are pretty laid back this way. My aunt for example raids her garden every year. And then its salads and fresh tomatoes for everyone. I think she also makes meatloaf but who cares for meatloaf if he can raid her greenhouse? 😀
    Only for the bigger festivities (like “round” birthdays or confirmations / communions or even weddings) we order food from a catering company. (without cake and salads)
    If I remember correctly, my aunt made 17 cakes for our wedding. She drove my poor cousin nuts who had to help her. 😀 (okay, it also included at least 5 sheets of Linzer Torte –, which is my husbands favorite and has to rest a couple of days in a dark and cool place (basement) to develop its flavour)

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    • sylcell says:

      My aunt does catering. I think she is onto something. We always have a weird combination of foods, too little, or too much. We’ll get the hang of it eventually, I guess. But usually everyone brings something to the other gatherings, which is nice.


      • morgan says:

        we always have too much food. way too much. my husband is constantly joking that it’s not a proper family gathering if there isn’t at least half a cake for every guest 😀
        but then there’s my SIL, who always brings a couple of tupperware boxes and helps herself to the leftovers. we always thought that this habit stops once she gets her degree and gets a job, but that happened a couple of years ago already and she still shows up with her boxes. at the last party her boyfriend came without her because she had to work (he’s the right guy for her, we’re sure.) and she made him bring the famous tupperware. We were laughing so hard… poor guy was mortified…
        At some point you’ll get the hang of it. Until then: you can easily store chili in the freezer 😉

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      • sylcell says:

        Hahahaha! We all have THAT relative.


  2. Oh, those emotions! Looks like you did great…but I can just imagine the stress 🙂 So glad little Rhea was perfect for you. ❤ And you look great too, but yes I can imagine that the heels would start to bother 🙂

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  3. Oh oh and I can definitely provide you with some food tips!!!

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  4. Congratulations and beautiful pictures! If it makes you feel any better about the wandering toddler, my 3yo rolled on the floor at our feet and sang during G’s in June until someone finally saw me shushing him and grabbed him 😉 they are a fun breed aren’t they!?

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  5. Loved going through the pictures and it just reminds me of our Indian ritual (performed within 11 to 21 days post-delivery). I was dreading it as much, but at the end, we mommas…we just survive!

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  6. Kim Johnston says:

    My favorite is the picture where Rosie joined you (probably because I’m the captain of the Rosie fan club). It looks like she’s saying, “It’s OKAY to come up here, this is MY family.”

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  7. Ashley P says:

    Beautiful pictures. Baptizing my children was some of the happiest moments of my life. I teach second grade at a catholic school so I have been a part of First Communion for the last four years. It is amazing! I pray I still have the same position when my children reach that age.
    I know how you feel about not knowing the latest trends. A few summers ago I finally asked my younger brother “what is YOLO!!!!??” Lol clueless. My husband said a while back “why does everyone put that pound sign in front of a bunch of words” 😂 we don’t have Social media…. This blog is as social as I get lol

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  8. Melissa says:

    These pictures are lovely, not a photo dump at all. I’m seriously getting teary eyed over here, because you know, it’s Faith. And it’s personal, and it’s special, and you’re sharing, and you’re passing it on to your kids.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. : )

    And thanks for the PSA. I never know what’s going on with these youngsters. I asked my youngest sister, “What am I going to do when you’re not a teenager anymore? How will I know what’s happening, if you don’t know anymore?” I guess now I know I can ask you, and you can ask your husband. ha.

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    • sylcell says:

      Yeah, my husband is obsessed with recruiting (as in, when college football coaches scout out high school talent for their schools) and follows all of those high school athletes on Twitter to see what UGA’s football team will be like next season. I figure at least it is not as time consuming a hobby as golf or video games 😉


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