Life lately with four under four

My introduction to having four under four this past week or so has been jarring to say the least. 

Mom came down with a horrible cold the day we went to the hospital to have Rhea. By the time we got back from the hospital, everyone had it. Poor mom had been taking care of three babies while being really sick herself. I know from experience that that is really trying. 

So we have spent this last week or so deterring visitors and taking care of three very sick babies with coughs, fevers, and vomiting from all the phlegm. We have experienced all of the possible symptoms of illness. Mom is feeling much better, but the girls are still sick, and now I have started coughing and having a sore throat. Fantastic. I comfort myself that at least now I’m giving some immunity to baby Rhea through breast milk. 

Sick baby number 1

Sick baby number 2

Sick baby number 3.

I haven’t really been able to have Rhea around the girls because they have been so sick, but they did meet her briefly when we came home from the hospital. 

Ruth has made critical observations about the new baby, like:

  1. There is a thorn in her belly (the umbilical cord stump)
  2. When she is hungry, she makes a face like she is smelling something stinky
  3. She drinks milk out of my arm (I guess it looks like that when I am nursing?), and 
  4. Ruth loves her and is going to take good care of her 

Rosie gets her feelings hurt whenever we tell her that she is sick and she can’t touch the baby. Or cough on the baby. Rosie did, however, like Rhea’s “mermaid tail.”

Wren can’t shake the feeling that she has been replaced. She has been giving me a look of cool reproof lately. I wish I could pick her up. I miss my Wrenna snuggles. 

Alright, Rhea photo dump!


She is a very good baby. She nurses well, and sleeps in her rock n play all day (unless I am wearing her). She nurses pretty much every 2-3 hours all night long, but she is only 11 days old, so I won’t panic yet.  She gets really mad if I am putting on or taking clothes off of her, or taking too long to feed her. I think she is going to be a good addition to the family, if we ever recover from this plague and I am actually able to have her join the family.  

My recovery has been slow and painful. Probably because I have been stressing over sick babies instead of resting. I don’t know what kind of dark magic they worked this time around during my C section, but I am back to normal undergarments a little more than a week after delivery. My midsection is almost back to normal except for that darn linea negra. Oh well. You win some you lose some. It will go away eventually. 

Hopefully things will calm down once everyone has recovered and we can get into our new routine. Love looking at the newest little sweet face. 



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13 Responses to Life lately with four under four

  1. Ashley P says:

    Congratulations. She is so beautiful, like the rest of your children. I think you are like the ultimate super mom to everyone on here lol keep giving us hope! Will have #3 in 10 weeks. Glad I have you to show me sanity is possible 😂 by the way, where does the onesie that ties come from? Can it be ordered online?

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    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! Sanity is definitely possible with a healthy dose of a sense of humor;) We’ll see how this goes next week when mom is no longer taking care of us. Yikes. Luckily, everyone is almost over this plague, so at least I won’t have that to worry about. The tie sleeper is from Native Wilds. Looks like they are out of stock currently, but she restocks often. Congrats on number 3!!!


  2. Congratulations again, she is beautiful! Good luck with your new adventures :).

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  3. dsudatta says:

    I had been actually looking forward to hearing from you, which, I admit, is pretty selfish because I knew it must not be easy for you right now with the new baby, and now, to know that the girls are sick- awwww, poor babies 😦
    I hope you all feel better soon and can thoroughly and uninhibitedly enjoy the new addition to the family.
    I’m so glad to see your sense of humor is still intact, I would barely be able to smile at a time like this 😀
    God bless you all always!! Simply loved the pictures, all of them!!

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  4. She is so beautiful and looks so calm 🙂 eventually you can all share germs together again, but maybe it’s a little blessing that you get some extra “baby only” time with #4. Get well soon everyone!!

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  5. 1. She is ADORABLE, and so are her sisters. This is an especially beautiful baby to me. 2. So awful that you’re all sick–of all times! 3. Your belly is back to nor—–WHAT! it’s been 2 years, and my belly still looks about 3 months pregnant. Bleh. 4. But I’m glad that you’re feeling so well you’re able to be back in undergarments already. That happened much more quickly for my 2nd c section than it did for my 1st. I can’t even imagine going through 4 c sections.
    CONGRATULATIONS on this beautiful baby!!

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  6. Alana says:

    We seemed to have been hit with something very similar. But I only have two toddlers, and no new baby. I barely survived my week. Bravo to you for surviving! I would imagine the hardest adjustment would be your baby not being your baby anymore. Job well done on your first 1.5 weeks.

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  7. Courtney says:

    hoping you’re all feeling better soon so everyone can snuggle Rhea! enjoy her all to yourself in the meantime 🙂

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  8. Congrats again on the new addition. Four under 4 is an adventure for sure!! I love (mostly) every minute of it!

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