38 Weeks: The Final Bumpdate

I can’t believe it, but I had my last appointment today. My OB had a bone to pick with me because she saw my Facebook status that my bags were packed and had a panicked moment where she thought she was delivering my baby this week. Whoops! I guess she figured moms never have their bags packed in advance the fourth time around. I am shocked myself that I am so prepared. Maybe it is the nesting energy?

BOOM! They really failed me on the mirror cleaning. Based on where the concentration of dirtiness is, I would guess that someone had brought a toddler in before me. At least, that is what all of my windows and glass doors look like at my house at that level. On an unrelated note, I am loving the elastic waistband fad for this summer (for obvious reasons). I just got these shorts at J. Crew and I am hoping they will be good to me these next few post partum months.

The appointment was uneventful, as usual. Blood pressure was good, Baby Lady’s hearbeat sounded good,  I haven’t gained any weight this week either (looking at this belly, I find that hard to believe), and I’m measuring about 37-38 weeks. The nurse got me all prepped for the internal exam and I was really dreading it, but my OB kindly asked me if I would prefer to skip it and was met with a resounding yes!  I mean, I had Wren at 38 weeks, but I really don’t feel like I am anywhere close to labor this time around. I’ll have maybe one painful contraction a night.

I really think this baby is going to be my biggest one. It is weird not having all that extra fluid like I did with Wren. My belly is totally lopsided, with a big lump on the right side where her back is. Sometimes, if I am sitting really still, I can see her practicing her breathing. And I can see her have the hiccups every evening.  If there is a loud noise that happens near my belly, Baby Lady gets startled and jumps. It is so cute.  Ruthie felt her moving around for the first time the other night. She thought it was hilarious. Rosie has a baby in her belly too, apparently.  

The girls are hanging in there with an invalid mama. Ruth has been acting out a lot, but I think she just misses having more attention from me. Wren has been following around the older girls while they run around the house and play. If Ruth and Rose are pushing their baby dolls around the house in their little shopping carts while they go “shopping” (I have no idea where they get that, I am a strictly online shopper these days), Wren will grab a baby doll and toddle behind them, babbling happily. 

One of Ruthie’s finer outfit choices.


I promise we don’t eat Chick Fil A every day. It only appears that way. . . . . . . 


The older girls always sweetly give Wren their blueberries because they know she loves them.


So the itinerary is to relax and keep my feet up this weekend (I want to go to the pool, but I think it’s going to rain all weekend), go get my bloodwork done at the hospital on Monday (apparently that will expedite my pre-op on Tuesday), and go in bright and early Tuesday to have this baby! I can’t wait to finally see the face of this little person who has been growing and kicking me all these months! Prayers that her delivery goes smoothly and both she and I do well would be MUCH appreciated. I want her delivery and my recovery to be just as uneventful as her pregnancy has been. 


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16 Responses to 38 Weeks: The Final Bumpdate

  1. Ashley P says:

    Good luck. I am praying for all of you. I also pray that you have a good adjustment with four. My husband’s cousin is going in tomorrow too to have her fourth. She had three girls, this one will be a boy. I thought it was so ironic that two women I knew (I don’t “know” you but… You know!) having their fourth were having them tomorrow! I don’t have Facebook or Instagram but I look at your Instagram pictures that post you post on here so I will be anxiously waiting. 🙂 congratulations!

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  2. Good luck with everything…I can just imagine the feelings you are going through. Butterflies in the stomach at times and anticipation in the air. Hugs from one mom to another! ps. your daughters have such beautiful hair ❤

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    • sylcell says:

      So nervous! Thank you, your kind words give me comfort. And yes, their hair is fascinating to me! I never would have imagined my girls would have such curly hair!


  3. Melissa says:

    It’s going to be great!! Praying for you and your sweet family!!

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  4. So excited for you!

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  5. Ashley P says:

    Good luck! Praying for both of you.

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  6. Prayers for an easy and quick recovery!

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  7. Kim Johnston says:

    I have your hospital date in my work calendar so I can remember to pray for you that morning! So excited to live vicariously through you for another baby!

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  8. morgan says:

    Still have my fingers crossed. Found it weird that you had an appointment today, but then I remembered that maybe Ascension Day is not everywhere a bank holiday? By the way, it’s Father’s Day here, is it in the US as well?

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    • sylcell says:

      We are doing the Feast of the Ascension on Sunday for some reason. Lazy Americans doubling up so that they don’t have to go to mass twice in one week. Tsk. Tsk. That is so nice you get the day off! Our Father’s Day isn’t until June. (So weird, why is that one different?)


  9. SK says:


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