35 Weeks: The Final Countdown

Or at least, that is what I keep telling myself.  It’s good for morale.  Thank goodness the OB’s office keeps their mirrors nice and clean just for my bump selfies.


Fat woman in a little coat.  Every time I sing that and do the the dance from “Tommy Boy,” my husband can’t stop laughing.  It’s almost summer, and I’m not wasting money on maternity jackets for these last few weeks.

This outfit from my pregnancy with Rose is a little more snug than I remember. Ah, having babies. 

Checkup: I had my Group B strep test today. Not totally important with my scheduled C unless my water breaks, apparently.  I have never had Group B strep with any of my other pregnancies, so I would be surprised if it came up positive (I know, what a waste, right?), but you never know. Baby Lady has been squirming around like a mad woman lately, so my doctor had to try a few places before she could get a nice heartbeat. Heartbeat sounded good, my blood pressure was good!  I’m assuming I’m measuring fine, I forgot to ask and we were busy chatting about other things while she was measuring. The ladies at the front desk told me that I was “really showing,” though.  I think they were just being kind because I have been really showing for a while now. My doctor still hates my scar, though (all OBs do when they see it).  I scar the same way every time, so it doesn’t really faze me any more.  She said she was going to “take that scar out” (um, that sounds mildly disturbing) and try something new to see if it heals better. Whatever floats your boat, doc! The only bad news is that my iron levels are still too low for her liking.  I’m at about a 10 now, and I bled out a lot after surgery with Wren.  It runs in my family, though. My grandmother bled too much after her deliveries as well (in fact, she almost bled out when she had an OB unfamiliar with her condition deliver one of her babies.) My OB said she needs me to get those levels up in these final weeks. So, I’m supposed to be taking prenatals every day and iron supplements in addition to my prenatal vitamins every other day.  Yikes.  Anyone know of some great iron rich foods that might help me absorb it better?

Symptoms: I think I have dropped a little bit, which has really helped my shortness of breath.  My hearburn is still pretty bad, though. My B-H contractions have started to get a little bit painful since she is sitting so low. I’m still mildly nauseated every morning.  Around this time with Wren, my nausea finally stopped.  Here is hoping that happens this time too! Especially since I’m going to be consuming so much iron. Oy. Also, Baby Lady has the hiccups constantly!  It is very cute, unless I am trying to go to sleep.  

Here are some pics of my other babies:



Starting to get nervous about the delivery and this whole four under four thing.  I can’t believe how much this pregnancy flew by! Although, sometimes those last few weeks drag on and on.  We’ll see.  I guess I’ll have to start packing everyone’s bags  (the girls will be staying with my parents while we’re at the hospital)  and doing the hospital pre-registration (which I had done by the time I was six months pregnant with the other three). When my water broke unexpectedly with Wren I had only half packed my hospital bag  and had not packed for the girls at all.  The result was that my poor mom ended up having to buy shoes and clothing for the girls and I had to leave the hospital pretending my tunic was just an extremely short dress (very flattering post partum)  because my water had broken all over the leggings I was wearing back home (stellar planning on my part). I don’t think my water will break early with this one, but I guess I should make the necessary preparations just in case.   Here is to less than a month until baby!  I guess we’ll need a name?  Ahhh!  This is so exciting every time. 


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21 Responses to 35 Weeks: The Final Countdown

  1. Tammy says:

    It is so exciting for you – best wishes for the last few weeks. For iron, try a baby spinach (U keep in the freezer for freshness) with strawberries or raspberries (vitamin C helps with the iron absorption) & coconut milk smoothie.

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  2. Courtney says:

    1. you look amazing. 2. Rosie… I want to eat her. right under the jaw line, just chew on her! 3. poop problems are the best. 4. spinach + strawberry salad for added iron.

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    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! And yes, I go into her room each night while she is sleeping just so I can stroke that chubby jaw line without her getting mad (she is being a threenager early). And yeah, they are soooo bad. Especially when you can’t really take your time in the loo during the day. And that sounds delicious! I will try it!


  3. Almonds are also really rich in iron – I ate so many when I was pregnant with Elizabeth! Toward the end I really didn’t like eating beef because it always makes me feel sluggish and as I was the size of a house when I was pregnant I felt even slower.

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  4. Susan says:

    Thought you might enjoy this Letter to an Expectant Mother by St Francs de Sales 🙂 Our Catholic Mothers Group reprinted it recently…


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  5. beverley Baggett says:

    Liver is a good food with lots of Iron and I heard broccoli is suppose to be good too.

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  6. Susan says:

    I too have been low on iron in pregnancy. Apparently Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron so taking the iron supplements with orange juice is a good start. Caffeine inhibits the absorption of iron so any tea and coffee you take will reduce the effect of the iron…. I was off tea / coffee for Lent during my last pregnancy and the iron supplements were SO much more effective, I couldn’t believe it… Think I still went back on tea/coffee after Lent – these are the executive decisions you have to make!!

    Good luck for the last few weeks, you look amazing, can’t wait to see Baby Lady, lucky little girl 🙂

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  7. babylossmama says:

    Do you like Cream of Wheat? I had severe anemia with my first pregnancy, so I was very proactive this time around and started eating it like mad to stave off the anemia. If I remember correctly, it has 50% of your daily iron intake. Supplements make me super constipated (tmi? :)) but I’ve found this to be really helpful. No anemia yet at 22 weeks!

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  8. Ashley P says:

    Wow I think you look great. I am only 23 1/2 weeks and our tummies look the same size lol. I get to float in the pool all summer with my belly. At least yours will be gone for most of the hot months! I have a September and November baby so I’ve done this before 🙂 I also had strep B my first pregnancy. I was very upset, no clue how I caught it. I received two rounds of antibiotics when I was in labor. When I looked at the itemized hospital bill a few months later I couldn’t believe the price of those! Good thing for insurance! Keep posting pictures of your beautiful girls. I like all the Rosie pics because she reminds me of myself when I was her age (look wise) haha

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    • sylcell says:

      Well, thank you. I am a bit thicker than I would like, but let me tell you I am not missing that polyhydramnios belly I had with Wren. This smaller one is much better. Although, the down side is that I won’t lose all the weight in the delivery room again! I have a September baby and an October baby, so I have been there for the summer pregnancies. I really love being able to float around in the pool for my third trimester (all of that weight and back pressure melts away!) but my ankles and feet swell like balloons in the heat. I love wearing light summer maternity dresses too. I get to have a really sexy fourth trimester body this summer, sooooooo yeah. And you must be absolutely gorgeous just like Rosie (if I may say so myself) 😉


  9. christywulz says:

    Can’t wait to meet Baby Lady!!

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  10. cori says:

    For iron, eat BEEF!
    Also, blackstrap molasses has a lot of iron. Just one or two tablespoons of the stuff a day helped my mild pregnancy anemia.

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