Wren: 15 Months

I would have arranged a cute photo shoot of Wren to accompany this blog post, but let’s be honest.  I’m 35 weeks pregnant and can barely work up the energy to take pictures period.  So, we’ll just have to make do with the pictures I have already.  I know, blogger mom fail.  


15 months old!  And still the baby for one more month. I know she is going to seem huge once the new baby gets here, but she seems like such a tiny peanut now.  She had her 15 month well check, and I am proud to say she is back up to 50th percentile for height and weight!  For a little background, when I got pregnant, I was so sick with morning sickness, I couldn’t eat or drink much of anything and unbeknownst to me my milk supply just about died.  She went from the 50th percentile in weight down to the 5th percentile in only three months.  I felt so bad. So I had to wean her and switch her to formula immediately so she wouldn’t “fail to thrive.” I was sad about weaning her, she was unfazed. (Thank God I had finally gotten her to take a bottle!)

Milestones: WALKING!  Baby girl took her first steps a few days before turning 15 months and was toddling around regularly by her 15 month birthday.  Ruth and Rose were both walking by their first birthdays, so I had been really agonizing over the fact she hadn’t walked by hers.  The pediatrician told me he really doesn’t start worrying about it until 18 months and that she was well within the normal age range to start walking, so I felt silly about being so worried. Of course, plenty of moms had been reassuring me that their children didn’t start walking until this time or later as well, so I really had no excuse to fret.  But, if you’re a mom, you know how it is.  Worrying about our babies is our biggest weakness. I have to work on my faith! She also points, says a few words, makes barking sounds if she sees a dog, climbs everything within reach (I frequently find her sneaking up the stairs or on top of tables and chairs, yikes), eats with utensils, loves her sippy cup, sleeps through the night like a champ (unless she is teething), fights and plays with her sisters, and has popped out FOUR teeth in the past week!  Poor baby.


Trying to put on her shoes.


Found her on top of the coffee table.  Very pleased with herself.


How do those moms who get the perfect sleeping baby pics do it?  Do their babes sleep under full sunlight?  Are they the most sound sleepers in the world? And they stay put on an all-white bed with no pillows or lovies or anything? My babies will only sleep in darkness and the slightest sound will wake them up. Wren always needs a soft lovey or blankie by her face to fall asleep. So there goes my sleeping baby book deal. This is the best I can do.  And this woke her up.

Wren started screaming the second her little bum hit the paper at the pediatrician’s office for her 15 month well check and didn’t stop until we were in the elevator on the way back to the parking deck.  Needless to say, her doctor had a hard time listening to her heart.  He said he thought it didn’t sound any worse, so that was good to hear. Her next check up with the cardiologist will probably be sometime this summer. Prayers that her CHD gets better (or at least not any worse) would be appreciated!  If she does need open heart surgery, the longer we can wait, the better.



Love this little sweetie bird.  She is developing into quite the personality.  I can’t wait to see her become a big sister!  I know she will rise up to the occasion admirably.  


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10 Responses to Wren: 15 Months

  1. Way to go Wren! She’s bigger than Will now!

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  2. She is such a sweet baby girl. It’s like in her pictures, I can always tell her disposition is pleasant.

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  3. Congratulations, share the yikes on climbing, neighbors daughter broke her arm falling of chair on tiling, we get so worried about milestones, they achieve, we miss the previous stage, hehe. We cannot get Boeta on sippy cup, he just hates it. Glad she is at 50% again, that is maybe the toughest and most worrying for us parents, so glad for you, we had to add and eventually switch to full formula too, he went under 50 to 75 plus for all 3 markers and still is. We kept an eye on weight vs length, wanted that to remain round 50, which means right weight for length. I used it to wean him off formula too.

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    • sylcell says:

      Yeah, each of my children has different a sippy cup preference with straw vs. spout. I am pretty ready for my oldest to just use a regular cup because cleaning all of the sippy cup parts is driving me crazy! So, it might be a blessing in disguise if he goes straight to a regular cup. Agreed, thank goodness for formula. Little thing would have dropped off the charts entirely!

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