33 Weeks and braving the Easter Sunday mass madness with 3 littles

Greetings from the soupy yellow fog that is Atlanta these days.  I am telling you, we are suffering over here from the massive cloud of pollen hovering over our city.  Even I can’t stop sneezing and my nose is running, and I have never been bothered my allergies my whole life!  Scott and Rose have the worst allergies in our family.  I have started giving Rose some local honey to try and help with her horrid allergies.  Scott firmly maintains that no medications help him.  

Good Friday

Our Easter weekend was eventful, but wonderful. We had a low key and beautiful Good Friday (before the pollen descended).  I prayed my rosary (complete with Sorrowful Mysteries) after I put the girls down for their naps and my handsome husband brought home a meatless meal for us all.  I am really looking forward to the day when I can take the girls to the Stations of the Cross.  That was the most inspiring part of Holy Week for me growing up.


We spent Saturday with Scott’s dad for his birthday (Scott’s dad’s birthday, that is).  The girls had a wonderful time hunting for Easter eggs and riding my in-laws’ horses.  Wren picked up one egg, discovered there was candy in it, and sat herself down for a lovely afternoon slowly consuming all of the candy out of the egg.  She also loved watching her sisters ride the horses from the window inside.  She kept pointing at the horses and emitting a sing-song, “Naaaaay!” 



Birthday cupcakes to ensure that there would be no napping going on during the return trip home. They were so fun come evening time. Oh well.  YOLO, mom.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday mass was a tough decision the next morning. We knew that the 8:00 am mass would be the least crowded.  However, in order to make it there on time we would have to wake up around 6:30 to get everyone ready on time, and from experience all three girls will whine and cry and generally be in a horrible mood the whole mass. They are not morning people. The next mass was at 10:00 am, which was the best time for us, but it is also a mass so crowded  it makes  a standing room only concert seem tame and empty.  I have been hugely pregnant with a baby on my hip and still had to stand the whole mass. That one also stresses my husband out to no end (I think he really doesn’t like parking six blocks away from the church and hoofing it with a few toddlers and a huge diaper bag in tow), so that one was out.  The only mass option left was the noon mass.  We were pretty anxious about having three hungry babes in mass during their lunch time, so we broke one of our family rules and brought a ton of snacks to mass.  My parents met us there to help, and it all went pretty smoothly except for a brief episode where Ruth started choking on her cheese stick (I swear the child  has eaten innumerable cheese sticks with no problems) and then screamed loudly about it once she managed to swallow it, and another episode where Wren decided to start blowing loud raspberries and the other two girls thought it would be fun to join in.   It is all worth it to see Rose kneeling beside Grandaddy with her eyes closed and her little dimpled hands clasped as in prayer, and Ruth come with me with her arms crossed to receive a blessing after I receive the Eucharist. It melts my heart to no end.


The girls in their Easter finery.



As I am sure any of you with small children already know, getting them all to look at the camera at the same time is practically impossible. Also pictured  above, the girls with their Abueyay and Grandaddy. I don’t know what we would do without them. (Certainly mass would be a lot more . . . . interesting).

33 Weeks!

I had my 33 week appointment today.  Everything looked great!  My darling OB said boring appointments are always good, and I can’t help but agree.  She said my blood pressure and weight gain were great, and the baby’s heart rate and fundal length were right on track.  She said she could feel Baby Lady’s little bum up top and her head down at the bottom.  She also could tell that her back ran down my right side, which is funny because all four of my babies’ backs have run down my right side.  Even Ruth, who was head up (breech).  They all lay on my right side and kick me on my left. I wonder why that is?  Next appointment they check me for Group B strep (even though I am having a scheduled C?  She said it was just in case my water breaks) and from there on out I go every week! 

Third trimester discomfort is in full swing, and I am so ready to have this baby (pretty early for that, I know).  My heartburn is killing me.  (I am having to get up and periodically pace the room as I write this now). My morning nausea seems to be getting worse. Uncomfortable B-H contractions are in full swing every evening when Scott and I are chilling on the couch together (and every time it tightens, I can fully see the outline of her back on my right side).  I am carrying really high, so I am habitually short of breath, especially when I am laying down in bed. Come on, baby, and drop and give mama some relief!



Bumping it up.

On a lighter note, our cherry trees in front of our house are blooming, and they make me so happy whenever I see them.



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4 Responses to 33 Weeks and braving the Easter Sunday mass madness with 3 littles

  1. Those three in their dresses. I die! We had to stand for the entire Mass. Trey ended up outside with Will after 10 minutes because he wouldn’t stop screaming. Lucky Trey. 😉

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  2. Melissa says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful family you have and I can relate with your experiences at mass…had some interesting times as well 😛 Happy belated Easter and happy to hear baby is doing well. Hope everything goes smoothly for you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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