Keeping it real

I know that most of you are totally over seeing posts about the winter blahs and being so ready for spring, but . . . . . these past few weeks have been hard, y’all.

Third trimester exhaustion is in full swing.  I feel myself becoming short tempered with the girls and have been needing to constantly take a deep breath and say a quick prayer so that I don’t lose it.  I decided that I could not clean up one more pee puddle or poopy underwear with my sanity intact, so I put Rose back in diapers and immediately improved our relationship.  I’ll try again later.  Periodically she will ask to go pee pee on the potty if she has the hankering for chocolate chips or will tell me she needs to go poo poo on the potty when she already has a diaper full of, ahem, an odoriferous gift for me, but other than that we are pretending like my disasterous attempt to potty train never happened.  Works for me, but I cannot help but feel like a huge failure.

All the cool kids still wear diapers.

Ruth has been very restless lately.  She is an extraordinarily energetic child (she gets that from her father, definitely not from me) and the days spent inside escaping the cold and rainy weather is really taking a toll on her.  We finally had a 70 degree day this week and we spent a glorious day at the park.  However, poor Ruth really didn’t want it to ever end, so I was that mom dragging the child literally kicking and screaming from the park (with another toddler, pushing a stroller, and largely pregnant).  Not even teaching her phonics seems to be cheering her up.  We need the weather to get nicer really soon.  Not to mention, the lack of decent exercise has been really messing with the older girls’ naps.  I really count on that couple hours of quiet time in the afternoon, but it just has not been happening.  Thus, even more pregnant mama exhaustion.  I am seriously considering getting a toddler treadmill.  Do they make those?

Little girl is in her element running around at the park.

Little Wrenna has been taking her mobility to the next level. Part of me is intensely grateful that she is finally hitting some physical milestones.  Her heart condition slowing her down always worries me.  But the other part of me is now in high gear anxiety mode about her sneaking up the stairs, getting into things she shouldn’t, or scaling walls.  She still isn’t walking or standing alone yet, but she certainly isn’t letting that trivial detail hold her back.  She is cruising, crawling normally, walking around while pushing various things, and climbing anything within reach. Just generally giving mama heart attacks.  So I finally broke down and got her a gated play yard to play in while I am doing things that would compromise my constant vigilance. 

Yup, I turned my head and totally found her well on her way to standing up triumphantly in this chair.

Well, thank you for getting this far in my post of self pity.  As a consolation prize, I will add these photos of my children.  Because they’re cute.

Holding hands at the park with their beloved cousin.

Wrenna’s three new teeth!

Bath time for the little bird

Drawing on the chalk board with a friend while waiting for their ice cream at Jeni’s (best ice cream in Atlanta, y’all)


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12 Responses to Keeping it real

  1. I feel you on the winter misery. In the past 24 hours, Will has retrieved raw chicken wrappings from the trash and happily played with them on the floor, retrieved and broken Grandma’s china from the china cabinet, emptied an entire box of rice krispies down the stairs, and rammed his wagon into the wall so hard it dented. I need spring, ASAP!

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  2. caityapp says:

    Hi mama, I don’t know if you ever read Janet Landsbury’s site, but I’d recommend some of her posts on potty training (or not training). Hang in there!

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  3. morgan says:

    OH yeah, must be in the global weather this week. Wherever I turn, moms lost their shit (dads too!) because the kids were cranky and lacked their exercises.
    Sometimes we kick them out of the house and let them run circles around it. While this will no way replace a proper exercise it helps release all that pent-up energy from sitting at home.

    Don’t fret about putting her back in diapers. I can see no mommy fail here. As you already said yourself: she won’t be in diapers in High School 😀 And how old is she? As I remember right, she’s a year younger than my daughter, so she must be around 2,5 years, right? Still pretty early to be out of diapers… Most kids get it around the age of three, so there is still some time. I just pray she won’t do the same as my son: decide to be ready when your newest family member is about 2 weeks old. That was … a challenge… 😉

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  4. Melissa says:

    Oh you are so NOT a failure!! Please don’t ever think that!! We’re all in the same boat, with potty training (my three year old still has accidents), tantrums (once Katelyn literally cried the whole walk home from the park, and people were staring and it was awful), and waiting for spring (I mean really, it’s time)!! And even more so since you’re expecting, which I totally understand too (my babies are 4, 3, and 2). So you’re going through what every other mom is going through plus you’re expecting. Please, please, order a pizza (or do whatever else is the easiest thing for dinner or lunch), and put on a movie for the kids and while that’s going on pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read, or pull up your own movie on the computer. And just take it as easy as possible for an hour or two. This is okay every now and then, especially while there’s a sweet little baby in your tummy. And just know that you’re doing great. : )

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  5. dsudatta says:

    Are you kidding me? I never realize when I reach the end of your post, and you always leave me wanting for more. A great post, like each one before this.
    Just one thing, you’re NOT a failure on Rose’s potty training. I think the most important part of potty training is realizing and acknowledging if they’re ready or not. You’ve done that with all success. It’s going to happen one day. Maybe now is not the time. It’s not because of anything you did.
    God bless you all. The pictures are the end were a treat. Always love glimpses of your beautiful family.

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  6. Boeta says:

    Cute post, yeah I can only imagine, that activities periods, so important for peace and naps, regular time outs seemed the order of the day here too, this week, must be the changing seasons. Hang in there, we sometimes do something totally different, to break the daily monotony, putting all in better spaces for a few days. You have some added excuse though, so try and look after yourself too. Best wishes.

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