Bumpdate: 26 weeks!

I can’t believe this is the fourth time I’ve been here. Every pregnancy feels like a brand new experience.

Went to my lovely OB today. She said everything looks great! Blood pressure is fine, I’m measuring right on track, heartbeat is around 150. She thinks my weight gain is fine, but I think I am gaining too much. She said to just stick to water for drinking and see how that affects it. It is Lent, so that works out anyway.

Bumping it up at the doctor’s office.

Symptoms: Finally feeling some strong kicks that you can feel from the outside! This one is a mover and a shaker. She has switched from kicking my right side mostly to kicking me on the left. It is so funny to see the little pokes on the outside. Sometimes I just like to watch it. By far the most fun part of pregnancy. I am still nauseated most mornings and need my medication. One memorable time I tried to go without it, I was running errands with the girls when a terrible wave of nausea hit me and needed something to eat immediately or I was going to throw up. Of course, in packing everything for the girls I had neglected myself and had no protein in the car to eat. When I whirled into the Chick Fil A drive through lane, I knew it was too late. I managed to grab a towel just in time to not make a huge mess in my car. Luckily, the line was long enough that no one saw my shame. Ruth has taken to pretending to throw up she has seen me do it so many times. I’ll be clutching the toilet and she will be pulling the stool over to pretend to throw up in the sink. It actually feels nice to have some solidarity. Other than my typical nausea, my round ligament pain has let up somewhat, which has been great.

Me and my two youngest baby girls

Appointments: I thought that today would be my blood glucose test, but apparently it is my next appointment. And I need to schedule my next appointment with the perinatologist to check on Baby Lady’s heart again. Wow, time has really flown since our last appointment with the perinatologist. I remember thinking 30 weeks would be such a long time from now. Now, it is less than a month away! Prayers that her little heart still looks good would be much appreciated.

So far, this has been an extremely low maintenance pregnancy. With Ruth, I was in a terrible car accident and had possible intrauterine growth restriction (turns out she was fine), and with Wren I had polyhydramnios. But so far, this pregnancy has been like Rose’s. Very boring and everything going according to the book. I really prefer it that way, and pray that it continues in this vein.

Can’t wait to meet our Baby Lady number four in May!


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10 Responses to Bumpdate: 26 weeks!

  1. Ashley P says:

    You look great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sara says:

    you. are. adorable. Can’t wait for Lady Bass #4!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll never forget the day (pregnant with G, definitely over half way there) I had to pull over on the side of the road to throw up and got it on the door a little. My husband was on the phone for the whole thing and all I could was cry. I would have had to live with constant IV fluids if it wouldn’t have been for the medication! Looking great mama 🙂

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  4. dsudatta says:

    You look great!! All the very best for everything!! I agree, boring pregnancies are the best 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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