If Ruthie had an Instagram

Every month or so, I try to take a Saturday to have a mommy daughter date with Ruthie or Rosie. My saintly husband will usually watch the girls for a while on the weekends so that I can do stuff I love but never get the chance to do (like mani/pedis) or stuff I need to do (like go to Confession). So today, I took Ruthie to get a pedicure with me.

We stopped by the Starbucks drive through on the way to the nail salon so that I could get some breakfast. Ruth had already had breakfast (thank you saintly husband), so I decided to get her a cake pop (I like to do this mommy daughter date thing thoroughly). She had never seen a cake pop before (poor sheltered child) and was so enamored with the way it looked, she refused to eat it the whole ride to the nail salon. She sang a little ode to her cake pop, and described to me how pink and shiny it was. She had called it a “lollipop,” so I figured she wasn’t eating it because she thought it was too hard to bite into. So I told her it was actually quite soft. “Yes,” she replied, stroking it lovingly, “soft like a blanket.” When we arrived at the nail salon, I had to insist that she actually eat the thing. She finally agreed to eat it, and enjoyed that almost as much as admiring it.

We walked into the nail salon and I let her pick out a color. She picked out pink, of course, and helped me pick out my color. The kindly staff led us back to adjoining chairs, a big one for me and a small one shaped like a pink teddy bear for her.

She sat ever so still and ever so intently while her nails were painted. The kind lady asked if she wanted flowers painted on her big toes, and of course she did. Ruthie’s pedicure was finished long before mine was, so I handed her my phone and let her entertain herself. She decided to use that time to become an amateur photographer. I scrolled though the pictures she took later, and I think that if she had an Instagram feed of her own, she would have quite the following. I enclose some examples (that I have not edited in any way).

#selfie #pedicure #mommydaughtertime #flowersonmybigtoes #pinkrules

#selfie #whydoeseveryonelovemyhair #nomakeup #iwokeuplikethis #yolo

#blackandwhitechallenge #teddybearchair #canteven

#ireallywantedafootbath #momsaidjustpolish #nexttimefootbath

My sister joined us for the pedicure and we tried to get her to take pictures of us, to no avail. We were not worthy of her feed . . . . . YET! We’ll work on that.

I have never seen my child so happy as when she was getting her nails done with mama. Now, I am addicted to seeing her so blissfully happy and want to make these mommy daughter dates a more regular thing. My sister had the brilliant idea of having godmother dates with Ruth and Rose as well (my sisters are their godmothers). But I need some more good activities that preschoolers will love. Any ideas?


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7 Responses to If Ruthie had an Instagram

  1. Jessica says:

    did I just use you’re instead of your? noooooo

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  2. Jessica says:

    haha you’re hashtags are cracking me up.


  3. We have some cool museums around here, trains and a children’s one. Lunch or dinner dates are a good idea. Things like the zoo or aquarium if it’s close? And summer picnics for sure 🙂

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    • sylcell says:

      Can’t wait for summer, we have serious cabin fever! We have a puppetry arts center that I was thinking about! Our zoo is in a weird area. People’s cars tend to get broken into in the zoo parking lot :/ So, we have never been because I am a wimp. We have been to the aquarium a few times, and it really is great. Thanks!

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  4. Rachel O says:

    The Public library, if it has a children’s section, is a fuN place to go with toddlers. So is a simple lunch or dinner date where they get to pick or take them to a “fancy” dinner date where they have to dress up nice. My girls loved that kind of thing at their age.

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    • sylcell says:

      I’m so used to all of my children being “babies” I blinked and she is so grown. It is going to be so fun doing these new activities with her! Thank you for the good ideas!


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