Another Bass First Birthday Party Down for the Record Books!

Wren had her first birthday party today, and my MIL was kind enough to send me some pictures. I always am so ridiculously busy when we have parties at the house. I have been more fatigued than usual with this pregnancy, so I just kept this party small by inviting family only. The thing is, we are a Catholic family, so “small” ended up being about 30 people. Our food was gone in what felt like ten seconds flat. How my Abuela regularly cooked for such a crowd with plenty to spare is beyond me. The woman must be some sort of magician. But everyone had a great time and I’m hoping no one went home hungry. I enclose some photos of the event.

Birthday girl! The star of the show





Publix gives you a free smash cake for a first birthday party, so we plopped Wren down in front of hers. She was very timid about it at first, just dipping one finger in the icing and sucking on it thoughtfully, but then she dived right in and grabbed a few chunks of it. After a few minutes, however, she did not appreciate being so sticky and messy, and was only happy after I wiped her down and Daddy fed her delicate bites. Such a little lady.




I discovered the lovely free smash cake for Rose’s first birthday. Rose was very into her smash cake and didn’t seem to mind the mess. Here is Rose with hers.

Wren was exhausted, but she managed to politely sit through the opening of her presents. Predictably, a soft and cuddly blanket was her favorite gift. Poor sleepy bub.


Not exactly a Pinterest-worthy first birthday, but the kind artists at the Publix bakery did their darndest to make sure there was an extremely realistic looking wren on the cake. I would have been happy with any kind of bird, but I appreciated all their extra effort. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of it! It was a wonder to behold. It was also delicious, so it was gone almost immediately. Gotta love Publix.
Wren had a great time. She is so loved, and I earnestly pray that she always knows it.



Update: I’m going to add Ruth pics back when she had a smash cake for her first birthday for the sake of posterity. She also considered this smash cake business a barbaric practice and wanted her hands to be clean again immediately. I can’t believe how small she was! And I am eight months pregnant with Rose. Sigh. What an easy pregnancy that was.




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