We Need Help: Name Suggestions Please!

It usually takes us a while to come up with a name for our babies. Little did I know, it was because Scott was having all of our children’s names follow a certain pattern. We include at least one family name, each girl goes by her middle name, her middle name begins with an “R” sound, and the first name is multi-syllabic while the middle name is only one syllable. And, at least one name is a Spanish name, which I love because it harkens back to their Cuban heritage. I know, so many rules. We’re such lawyers. Now with this baby girl, Scott and I want to stick with calling her by an “R” name, since we have already done it with the other three, and we have a saying down here in the South: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (We are known for our impeccable grammar down here.)

I have a list of potential baby names that Scott and I both like (which is the hardest part.) However, we haven’t had that “aha” moment that we had with the other three yet. With Wren, we saved her name reveal until the day of her birth, and I loved doing it that way. It means there is still a surprise announcement for that day, even though we already know the gender. Also, we have had some bad experiences in the past where we have revealed our favorite names to people before the baby was born, and gotten some negative reactions, like “You are naming her X? I knew an X in elementary school. She was a total jerk.” Or, “Are you sure? Because I have always liked this other name, and it is the name of your great aunt after all. But you guys name her whatever you feel is best, I suppose.” Or my personal favorite, the barely concealed cringe. If you tell everyone the name after the baby is born and the name is already on the birth certificate, they tend to keep their negative opinions to themselves and at least feign approval.

So what do you guys think baby lady number four should be named? I think we will eventually go with an “R” name that is old fashioned and traditional like the other three, but hey, you never know what might strike our fancy. It is just such an enormous responsibility to name an eternal soul.

No pressure, mom and dad. It’s only my name for my entire life that I will have to hear over and over again. Don’t mess this up.

Our little corner of a picture of Scott’s extended family. Baby bump at 21 weeks!


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30 Responses to We Need Help: Name Suggestions Please!

  1. Mandi says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve found a name yet, but if not Sancta Nomina is a blog about Catholic baby names that does baby name consultations. She’s really awesome about finding names that go with the rest. The only one syllable R name that I could think of other than Rae is Reese. A little more androgynous that I like, but it definitely CAN be a girl’s name.

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    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! Coincidentally, her blog post about her thoughts on this baby’s name should be published on that blog around early May! Great minds think alike;) Why did I not find her until now?!!!


  2. sorry, you have a rose. two syllables: Regan or Reagan

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    • sylcell says:

      I know! We keep coming up with variations of “Rose” (like Roselyn, Rosalie, etc.) and then we remember we already have a Rose darn it! But yes, this one is just going to have to be two or more syllables. We really should have been more prepared to have lots of children and for the fact that they might all be girls. Good names, thank you!


  3. Wow. That is a lot of rules. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be adorable.

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  4. Colleen says:

    Already commented but forgot to say I love the name Regina! It might work for your first name since it’s spanish, but if you go for more syllables in the middle name, it’d work great too.


  5. Colleen says:

    Tough rules but I do love a pattern in siblings names! My father spoke french and always loved the name Elle (which I guess is ‘she’ in French), so my three sisters and I all had some version of elle/ell/lle in our names.
    For you precious new baby, I second Reese! Think it’s so pretty 🙂
    But I also like:
    -Rory (love this one!)
    Good luck! Coming from a family of all girls, I have to say it’s the best thing ever 🙂 No relationship compares to the one I have with my sisters, and I am SO thankful to my parents for them.

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  6. Siné says:

    The only 1 syllable R name that I can think of is Rae. It happens to be my Liliana’s middle name so obviously I like it, but I figured I’d add it to the suggestion list.

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  7. amelond says:

    This isn’t one syllable, but you could go with another bird! Raven 🙂

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  8. Laura C says:

    I think Roxy (Roxie?) is a cute “R” nickname, short for Roxanne/ Roxanna as a middle name. It’s not single syllable, but I think it sounds adorable with your other girls names. Just looking at earlier comments, Maria Roxanne or Marian Roxanna would be a great name.
    So excited for you and can’t wait to hear the winning name when the time comes!

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  9. Jen says:

    Maria Reign (like Rain only more Queen of Heaven)

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  10. Sara says:

    Maria or Sofia Renee (two syllables in the middle… But close… And Renee means reborn! !)
    Gabriella Rae. Then you could call her Rae-bay-bay!
    Isabella Reese
    Elizabeth Ryan
    Emily Riley
    Remy- Rattatouille anyone??

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  11. hannahlkuhn says:

    So I don’t know the first names of the other girls but what came my mind was Abriella (spanish) Rose (goes by Ro)

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  12. morgan says:

    Finding a name is hard. And we found it harder with each baby we had, because there always were more names to rule out, starting with the “weird people having the same name”-list and ending with “still a great name, but we already have one ;-)”
    I’ve got an entire list in my head. 😀 I love spanish names, at least now that I’ve come to terms with my own, two-in-one spanish name that is NOT written like everyone around here would write it so I’ve got to spell it every time…
    I like so far: Anna, Maria, Cristina. Inés (Inés sounds wicked. I knew a spanish nun called Inés. She was wicked :D). Or Rocío. Which would even fit the R-rule. but not the one syllable rule. You got yourselves in trouble there *singsong voice* 😀 Only name that comes in my mind is Reese. I like that name.
    I cross fingers that you find your perfect name(s) for your little girl!!!

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    • sylcell says:

      I have wanted at least one girl to be a Maria, as that is my middle name. I hadn’t thought of Ines! I love that one. My mom knew some formidable nuns as well;) Now, they seem all but extinct. Very sad. (Although we don’t miss the scary ones.)


      • morgan says:

        I only met scary german ones. They wore their stuffy habit like all the time and looked pretty uncormfortable. The spanish ones tended to be a lot more relaxed and some I met only wore the full habit for mass and just a plain dress, working aprons and of course their headpiece for daily life.
        It’s strange and sad that there are less and less monasteries but to be honest – for hundreds of years the “redundant” children tended to end up in monasteries. The firstborn male inherited the castle, the second one became his whatever, one or two girls were married off for political or monetary reasons but when you tend to have somewhat between 5-10 kids (and maybe a few illegitimate kids here and there) you somehow have to get them fed without giving them much chances to create havoc in your castle. So – off to a monastery it is.
        (And for poor(er) families it often was the only chance of a more or less good life. When the decision is: starve or monastery, I’d probably choose monastery any time)
        So with all the changes over the last about 200 years, it’s getting more of a personal decision whether to enter a monastery and live a life behind walls and with a lot of rules and regulations.
        Yeah, I’m a cynic.
        (During all my childhood I wanted to be a nun. But then I grew up and things changed.)

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      • sylcell says:

        That is so interesting! I wonder if that really is what killed vocations. Fewer children and less of a need for the monasteries. I hope people start having big families again and they come back. We need more good priests too.


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