Baby Snuggles

There is something simply marvelous about having the warm weight of a snuggly baby on you. I like to soak it all in while I still can. For Scott, it has more of a sedative effect. Ruth and Wren have always been pretty wriggly, so Ruth had to be swaddled for this to work, and Wren has to be super sleepy, but when the stars align and we can cuddle with them, it is a beautiful thing. Rose has always been a snuggler. She still is. This season of our lives has its challenges to be sure, but the rewards are beyond compare. Every time a sweet little head lightly smelling of baby shampoo (or even more intoxicating, that newborn smell) falls on my chest, I can’t help but silently take a moment to fervently thank God for these wonderful blessings. I usually get teary-eyed too, but I am a bit hormonal these years days. I gathered together a little collection of these moments. I think you can probably tell who is usually behind the camera. Mamarazzi, guilty as charged.












How do you react to baby snuggles? Soak it in or conk out?


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13 Responses to Baby Snuggles

  1. brendan2k5 says:

    Seeing parents and their kids sleeping in cognito is always a rare treat to be treasured ^_^

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  2. morgan says:

    LOVE this post! It is hilarious! I have an abundance of pictures of my dad asleep on various furniture items with a (usually wide awake) baby in his lap / on his arm – but also some are the other way around. They seem to sedate each other. There always were phases in my babies’ life when my dad was the only one being able to get them to sleep just by placing them in his lap or taking them in his arms an walk around. Maybe because he’s almost deaf and didn’t hear their fussing 😀
    Buuuuut I’m not allowed to post any of these pictures. Because… germans are paranoid and / or don’t share pictures over the internet. 😀

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    • sylcell says:

      I totally understand. I showed this post to Scott before I published it and asked if he was ok with me sharing it. I was surprised and pleased he said yes! My dad is the only one who can get the babies to sleep in his arms too! Grandaddy magic.


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  4. Oh, I love it. I feel a copycat post coming on. 😉

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  5. Cori says:

    I just love holding sleepy babies!

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  6. Ashley P says:

    My husband and I have to get all the cuddle time in before they get to two months. Neither one wanted to be rocked, just swaddle them and put them in their bed. Sounds great but it’s actually hard to put them to sleep in public because they just want their bed. I love your pictures you shared. I’m home laying down soaking in my own misery because I have the flu. I miss my children terribly. Also having pregnancy nausea plus the flu is not so great. Make sure you stay home as much as you can to not be exposed! Thanks for cheering me up with the pictures.

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    • sylcell says:

      Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. If you ever doubt the power of vaccines, the year the CDC gets the flu strain wrong will set you straight! Everyone is sick, it seems. I don’t have the flu, but I have had some sort of horrible cold virus that has lingered on for three weeks! So ready to feel better. All of the phlegm is making my nausea so much worse. The girls have terrible cabin fever, but I am afraid to take them to the usual winter play places. :/ Wren is exactly the same way! She will not nap on the go, and she does NOT want to be rocked to sleep, haha. She just wants to be put down in her crib. It took me forever to figure that out. There I was rocking her and singing to her and we were getting more and more frustrated with ourselves. Silly mommy.


  7. CM Pannell says:

    I’ve always said if someone could bottle that fresh, clean, sweetness of a baby just getting out of their bath that is cuddled on your chest, they’d be a millionaire.

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  8. Courtney says:

    LOVE this! Dave is the same way. I’m a soaker (and some tears as well) 😉

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