Useful Loot to take home from the hospital after having a baby

As an attorney, I feel obligated to make the disclaimer that you should always make sure you have the hospital’s permission before taking anything home that you didn’t bring with you when you arrived at the hospital. Alrighty, now that the boilerplate is out of the way . . . .

Ta da!! What to bring home from the hospital after baby, as written by a crazy lady who has been there three times in the past year and will be there again this year. The first time we brought a baby home from the hospital, we were very timid about what goodies we were bringing home with us. The discharging nurse practically had to shove the stuff in our bags for us. By our third child, we were calling the nurse over to ask if we could bring home practically everything in that hospital room but the phone! There are so many useful things we brought home from the hospital that we still use to this day. Here is my list of must-haves:

1. Bulb Syringe Yes, any store that sells baby supplies can sell you a bulb syringe. However, here is an insider tip: they suck. In the idiomatic sense of the word, that is. They certainly do not suck literally. They are super tiny and too stiff to get any good suction out of it. It takes a child a heck of a long time to be able to forcefully blow the snot out of their nose, so a bulb syringe is in near constant use at our house whenever one of our children is sick or has allergies. It also is a godsend when you have an infant with a stuffy nose that cannot eat. The hospital bulb syringes are unequaled in size, flexibility, and strength of suction. We stock up as much as we can whenever we have another baby (because they tend to get really icky on the inside, and you’re going to want to throw the old ones out by the time the next baby comes along.)

Horrible store-bought syringe on the left, Awesome hospital syringe on the right

2. Baby wipes The wipes they use at the hospital are very different from store-bought ones as well. At first, we thought they were a pain in the behind because you have to wet them with warm water before you can use them. However, they are splendid at cleaning up sensitive newborn baby bums. There are no chemicals added, just the material and the water you add. So your baby is much less likely to have an allergic reaction to them. Also, the combination of the warm water and the miracle fibers cleans even that horrible newborn tar poop (also officially known as meconium) in one sweep! We love them so much, we usually run out of them within the first few weeks. I had some left over with Wren for some reason. How fortuitous for this blog post!


3. Soothie Pacifiers Ok, admittedly these are the same ones you can get at any store with baby supplies. And at stores they come in colors other than green. But they have them at the hospital too and you can never have too many pacis. These soothies are still my girls’ favorites well into their toddler years. I mean, what? My toddlers don’t use pacis! I wean them off their pacis by five months, of course.


4. Peri Bottle I have heard that is a staple among moms who have had a vaginal delivery. Well, I am here to tell you that post C section moms need this thing too. Badly. Take it home with you. Trust me.


5. Lanolin If you decide to breastfeed your baby, call in the lactation consultant!!! Immediately. And often. With every baby. They are an invaluable resource and your greatest advocate (because some nurses are less than supportive and don’t know much about breastfeeding). They will help you succeed in breastfeeding if that is what is important to you. And they have all the invaluable breastfeeding paraphernalia that you are going to need. Some women need to rent a breast pump (I did with Wren because my milk didn’t come in soon enough and she was losing too much weight), some women swear by nipple shields, and some women desperately need Lanolin. I did with Ruth because she was a horrible nurser and I had no idea what I was doing. I was cracked and bleeding. The Lanolin was such a relief when the lactation consultant brought it to me. Oh, and by the by, you don’t have to wipe it back off before you nurse the baby. I found that to be very useful information. Ouch.

6. Bed Protector I love these things. They have absorbent paper on one side and protective plastic on the other to protect your bed from getting soiled those first few weeks after having a baby. I also used them to put under the baby when I no longer needed them and the baby is in that irritating stage where the liquid baby poop shoots straight up their backs and inevitably leaks out of their diapers. No one wants to add changing the crib sheet to the list of things you have to do with each night waking. Grab as many of these as you can.


7. Super Sexy Mesh Underwear Yeah, it isn’t as exciting as it sounds. However, it is super helpful to have on hand after the baby is born if you value your regular underwear and would prefer not to have to throw them all out. And here is an insider tip: they are machine washable, so you can use them as long as you want.


Miscellaneous: There are a few things that they can send you home with that are nice to have on hand once you get back home: maxi pads, diapers, pamphlets on how to care for yourself and your newborn, formula and bottle samples, and bags.

I know a lot of moms that keep that sweet blanket that the hospital always wraps your newborn in after he or she is born. We have never managed to bring one home, crazily enough. I suppose it is because we already have swaddling blankets coming out of our ears. We have managed to save all of the little hats they put on the girls after they were born. And each one was different, interestingly enough.




Oh fantastic and helpful readers, is there anything I have missed? What do you always take home with you after the baby is born?


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28 Responses to Useful Loot to take home from the hospital after having a baby

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  2. Cheryl says:

    ps~ i also kept goodies after both my home births! keep them bc you already paid for them home birth and hospital alike!

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  3. Cheryl says:

    I was just reading an article saying how the administration at this hospital had to lock up the mesh panties because the staff were taking them home for personal use!

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    • sylcell says:

      That is hilarious! I have quite the stash by now. I should see how much they would go for on Ebay!!!

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    • morgan says:

      Your discussion is hilarious! I hated those mesh panties and stopped using them even in the hospital as soon as I was fit to dress myself. For at home I stocked up on a 10pack of those really sexy (haha) grandma style panties you get everywhere for next to nothing. I think I still might have some left somewhere in my underwear drawer.

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  4. Sarah says:

    After my son was born I took everything that they would let me. The Bulb Syringe has saved our lives this winter (my son is only 2 months old and always seems to have a stuffy nose). I have never seen those wipes before though, I wish I had. The hospital I was at started using new pacifiers and they gave us about 6 of them when we left, now it is the only one my son will use. I guess kids just stick to what they know! 🙂


  5. Our hospital wipes were totally normal ones, not like that at all 😦 I highly recommend looking into an electronic nasal aspirator- we are in love with ours! I took about all the same things you did! Our hospital stopped giving mom’s the free bags when I had my third, I was pretty mad about it, so I took as many bottles of formula as I could haha!


  6. morgan says:

    What on earth is a Peri Bottle? Never saw one of these!!! And I had three vaginal deliveries of huge babes with huuuuge heads (ouch. ouch and OUCH!) looks like american hospitals are A LOT different than german ones. (I suspected as much already, but this is proof).
    The nursing wings of the hospitals here must be sponsored by this one big diapers brand, because everything baby-related is made by them and practically the same stuff that you can buy in the store.
    Pacis you don’t get, they don’t have them. You have to bring your own. And the doctors somehow expect you to have them at hand, because they gave us “the look” when they asked us to put a paci in and we said that we didn’t have one (our babes never wanted them, so why stock up?). This went like “I have to poke your babe, you should give him/her his/her paci now”. – “We don’t have one”. – *THE_LOOK*

    I know one of the nurses at the nursing wing of the hospital I went for all of my births and she told me that over the years she’s worked there, the “gifts” you got got less and less. All of that stuff was sponsored by baby stuff brands and they give out less and less. Within the three years I got my kids, the stuff we got shrank from one bag of gifts (lotions, shampoos, breast pads, bathing oil for momma, diaper and wipes samples plus a parenting magazine and some brochures) to a small bag containing two diaper samples and a 10pack of baby wipes. yay.
    I remember my dad coming home from the hospital after my Mom gave birth to my baby sister with an entire packet of things…

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    • sylcell says:

      The Peri bottle is essential, lol! You fill it with warm water and use it to squirt a powerful stream of water on yourself instead of using toilet paper or wipes when you go to the bathroom. It is really nice after vaginal deliveries for obvious reasons, and after having my catheter removed after surgery I have to use it or else I won’t be able to pee for some strange reason. But, of course, we don’t have bidets here, so maybe that is why hospitals hand them out, lol. Yeah, a lot of diaper and formula companies sponsor the maternity wings here, so we get lots of goodies from them. Although, all of the breastfeeding nuts here are trying to change that because apparently formula feeding your baby is the rough equivalent of child abuse (to them).


    • katylady says:

      I’m in the babies-with-big-heads club, too (both our girls are still above the 99th percentile), and that peri bottle is the most precious thing when the nurses are nagging you to *go* after they remove the catheter! Any small squirt bottle would work, but warm water is essential!

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      • sylcell says:

        Yes! Why is that? Such a weird phenomenon. My husband would be on peri bottle duty at the hospital because I can barely walk, much less make a separate trip to the sink, and I would tell him to err on the side of hot. If it is too cold, it is useless!


      • morgan says:

        Ah kay… I thought that was something for the baby. Oups 😀
        Bidets are a french thing and as far as I know came out of fashion even there ;-). My parents are big fans of them (since my dad travelled through France several times) and when they rebuild their bathroom about 15 years ago they had real trouble to find one. 😀

        When I was in the hospital they handed out water pitchers for new moms (but we had to leave them at the hospital) and told us to also use one at home at least until any birth related injuries are healed up. My husband was totally weirded out when I just raided our pottery cabinet 😀

        @katylady: My girl was for a whole year above the 99% percentile. The one for boys. She’s wearing the same size for the third winter in a row now (she turned 3 in September) but this time finally we don’t have to roll up the trouser legs up to the designed knees 😀

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  7. katylady says:

    More wise words, mama!! These are all on my list — especially the bulb syringe, peri bottle and mesh panties (had NO idea they were washable!). May I also suggest asking for extra ice packs and Tucks for mama? I hoarded those Tucks like nobody’s business! We also took home all the newborn diapers they had to spare, with the little notches for the umbilical stump–we cloth diaper but *cheat* in the first week or so until we’re past the meconium and the stump falls off. One more tip, re: helping Mama feel better: During my last pregnancy I discovered Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Mama Bottom Balm, and it was a godsend as I was healing. One tin lasts forever (I still have half left), and it’s been very helpful this pregnancy, too. That, an ice pack, and Tucks, and Mummy is actually smiling again.

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    • sylcell says:

      Thanks for adding these! Regrettably, I am completely ignorant of what vaginal delivery mamas need to take home from the hospital, so it is wonderful to have what they might need on here too.

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  8. Kara says:

    I took everything I could…the extra formula that was in the drawer under the bassinet bed they were in (they even gave us a couple extra boxes of formula with my twins), the pads, vasoline (I had 2 boys and both were circumcised), the diapers and wipes they had in the drawer (they even gave us extra diapers with my last two because they were twins) I even think I managed to get a couple extra of those blankets….I know I brought more home but I can’t remember what….


    • sylcell says:

      Oh yeah, we were told they just throw away whatever is leftover in those handy drawers underneath the bassinet, so we always raid those. Twin mama! I love it. Yeah, I know NOTHING about what to bring home with baby boys, lol. Thanks for the tips!


      • Kara says:

        My poor mother looked like a bag lady when she was bringing everything down to the car….I had two babies in my hands when we left the hospital so I couldn’t carry anything….they even hung some of it on the back of the wheelchair so she didn’t have as much to carry….I shoved as much as I could in my suitcase (I brought more than I needed to to the hospital) and the rest they gave me those plastic bags they give you for your clothes to use…..we would take most of the diapers and wipes out of the drawer every time they brought the babies to us…..they would refill the drawer too…..

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      • sylcell says:

        Oooo, that emptying the drawer trick so that they will refill it is a good one! It is funny, the “wheelchairs” they give the new mamas to leave the hospital in at our hospital are more like parade floats. They come with a huge plastic shelf attached to the back where you put all of your stuff. I have always taken it for granted until now. I don’t know what we would do if it were just a regular wheelchair! Scott would have to make several trips, lol.


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