Merry Christmas! And a baby number four update

Merry Christmas, everyone! I am typing this blog post from my NEW iPad keyboard! The perfect gift from my thoughtful husband. Much more efficient than my former hunt and peck method. It might actually take me less than two hours to write a blog post now! On the downside, my posts might be overly loquatious. Sorry about that.

We kicked off our Christmas with my in-laws last weekend where the girls were spoiled by their various grandparents, aunts and uncles. We hauled all of the presents back in a trailer behind our minivan (just kidding, but we almost needed one.)


The girls playing in the ball pit at Grandma’s house

We attended Christmas mass on Christmas Eve. We arrived an hour early to mass so that we could actually secure a seat in a pew. I don’t know how it is at Protestant churches (and I am genuinely curious as to whether this happens there too), but Catholics seem to have a significant number of “Christmas and Easter Catholics” who only show up to mass twice a year, and boy do they show up. The churchgoers are absolutely packed like sardines for those two holidays and it is a horrible fire hazard to be sure. When we showed up an hour early we were able to find the very last parking space in the lot and grab the very last open pew in the balcony. Then, we had the problem of keeping two toddlers and a baby moderately quiet and still for two hours in a huge crowd where we could barely move. No problem, right? We were not stressed out about it at all.


Luckily, we were able to coordinate mass times with my parents and save two seats for them, so that helped keep the girls quiet for the majority of the time. Ruth only faked one bathroom break (she usually has several false alarms during mass just to keep herself entertained) and Rose made good friends with the strange lady behind us. I was doing my head count in the pew and Rose was missing. Before I could start freaking out, my dad pointed behind us and I look at the pew behind us, and there Rose was, sitting in some lady’s lap and playing with all of her bangles and jewelry. Whatever keeps her happy, I guess. I hope she wasn’t bothering that lady. Rose also started napping on the stairs when all of the people had cleared off of them after Communion (yes, even the stairs were packed with people sitting on them) and asking people in nearby pews to fix her hair bow. She is a nut. Oh well. The Christmas miracle was that we survived the whole mass without anyone having to take a child out, kicking and screaming. I consider that a success. I even managed to snap a quick family photo afterward. The girls were obviously D-O-N-E by that point, but you do what you can.


I am carrying super low with baby boo. Very strange for me, I usually carry super high.
We went home and went to bed early, since the mass had interfered with nap time in the worst way. Christmas morning was sweet and uneventful. Just how I like it. We all stayed in our pajamas all day and I cooked up a storm. I love monkey bread on Christmas morning, but my husband prefers cinnamon buns. So I improvised and made cinnamon bun monkey bread. It was sinfully delicious. I think I gained ten pounds just looking at it.


Ruthie got her big girl (toddler) bed, complete with “Frozen” bedding. She is really excited to be sleeping in it and seems to be transitioning quite well (I hope I don’t eat my words later.) Her crib is still in her room, just in case. Also, she and Wren will be sharing a room when the new baby comes, so we might as well keep it there for Wren in a few months. Now we can really start working on Ruth’s night training. I also need to potty train Rose before the baby comes. I’m not really worried about her regressing when the baby is here. All of my kids are pretty accustomed to new babies. They never seem fazed by it. But, as per usual, I digress. Rose got a huge box of legos and played with them happily all day. Wren got some Christmas pajamas. We went to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner in our Christmas pajamas and had a lovely time. Ruth and Rose got a lego table, which they were very excited about. I love toys that require imaginative play like Legos. They are timeless. We had a wonderful Christmas and I love my Christmas babies.



In other baby news, we have our 20 week ultrasound on Monday. That really crept up on me this time! I can’t believe it is time for the big ultrasound already. Scott and I will definitely be finding out if it is a girl or a boy. He is very excited, and I am trying not to be anxious about it. I always worry about my babies’ health. It is innate. I really don’t care if the baby is a girl or a boy, I am just hoping that the child is human. If that hurdle is passed, then we’re good in my book. I will most certainly keep everyone posted on the results on Monday.

We were overwhelmed by the Christmas card love we received this year! The number of Christmas cards I ordered was woefully short to fulfill the amount I ended up wanting to send out. So please know that I will most certainly remedy that next Christmas. I never want to not have enough Christmas cards to send out again. I don’t even have one to take a picture of and post on here, such was my shortsightedness this year. Mommy fail. But thank you so much. You all mean so much to us. Every time Ruthie saw a card with a baby on it, she said, “Aw, so sweet!!”

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only son! The greatest Christmas gift indeed.





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13 Responses to Merry Christmas! And a baby number four update

  1. Yes, Protestant churches are exactly the same way. Happy new Year!!


  2. Anna LaFemina says:

    We’ve always called those who only show up on Christmas and Easter: chreasters:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eeeeek!!!! 20 weeks already??? Part of me hopes it is a boy, part of me hopes it is a girl, and all of me is praying for health and happiness. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the update!


  4. morgan says:

    Ha. I know these holiday-churchgoers. They are everywhere. Even in protestant churches here in Germany 😀 The “nativity play”-mass on christmas eve (the one in early afternoon where the kids’ choir and the sunday school perform a nativity play together and the priest / minister / reverend / pastor / whatever you call him only does the greeting and the blessing) here was PACKED. Will blog about that one as soon as I find time and some pain-free time…

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  5. Ashley P says:

    Sat through the two hour mass also! My two year old talked the entire time but that is nothing new. He just couldn’t get over the fact that Jesus was covered (crucifix on altar was covered with blue cloth and had a bright gold star). Thank goodness we packed enough snacks for both of them. We packed double than what we normally pack for a Sunday mass knowing we would be there longer. They were great but… I am seven weeks pregnant and have the worst nausea ALL DAY… Acting like I had a cold was my reasoning for drinking bottled water during mass… because we hadn’t told anyone yet haha. Thankfully I made it through the mass but note to self no more tights. Too much pressure on the belly! Your babies are adorable and I love reading the updates and being able to relate! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! And congratulations!!! I keep thinking I can wear non maternity tights all through my pregnancies. Nope! I really should invest in some maternity ones. Yeah, I have experienced morning sickness during mass and trying to decide whether I need to walk all the way to the bathroom or not, lol. But in that Christmas crowd it had to have been especially bad! You are a trooper. Snacks are always a good call. We didn’t bring enough and ran out before mass even started. Whoops.


  6. Boeta says:

    Oh, we both added keywords to our tab4s, makes a huge difference, not a big fan of pecking method either. He he.


  7. Boeta says:

    Will be thinking of you on 20 week scan and congrats on 2 h mass…Boeta is also not the easiest in church events, so your little ones did great. And yes, church is full too, but combination of local and holidaymakers that does that for us.


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