Wren:10 Months

So this update is a day late. Whoops! Yesterday, I was feeling better and getting everything done like a boss. Dirty laundry pile was clean and folded and put away, kitchen sink was free from dirty dishes, counters were wiped, floors were gleaming, bills were all paid, I even finished off all my thank you notes. I should have known such domestic success only meant I was forgetting something important. Turns out that something was my pregnancy checkup. Derp. Anyway, I belatedly realized I forgot to do Wren’s 10 month update as well. Oh, well. Here it is!


Milestones: You are army crawling with startling speed. You can cross a room to pop the outlet covers off of outlets in three seconds flat. You still have shown no interest in getting up on your hands and knees. Not that it is holding back your mobility any. You can catch up to your sisters when they are trying to keep you from grabbing their toys or food with alarming speed. Whenever you hear someone say, “hello” or “bye bye” you immediately start waving. It is so adorable. Especially when you look at your hand like you are amazed at its waving capabilities. You babble all the time. You can say “dadada”, “mamama”, and “babababa.” You also sing along whenever your sisters are singing (which is frequent.) You can click your tongue back at me. You shake your head no at us when you don’t want to do something (usually when we are trying to stop you from doing something dangerous.) You are sleeping 12 hours like a champ, and on the rare occasion you wake up in the night, daddy or I can go in there and hold you for a few minutes and put you back down and you go right back to sleep. You are eating whatever we eat in small pieces and can grab it and put it in your mouth skillfully.


Likes: Eating, your bottle, your sisters always send you into fits of giggles, your daddy and whatever he prepares for you to eat (he loves cooking for you, probably because you eat with such gusto), being mobile and getting into EVERYTHING.

Dislikes: Still your car seat (I don’t think you’ll ever like that), being woken up from a nap, when your bottle is empty, oatmeal, being spoon fed, when Rosie won’t let you take her toys.



Love those little bottom teethies.

You have to go to the pediatrician’s office for your weigh in next week since you dropped from the 50th percentile to the 5th percentile in your weight category at your nine month check up. I’m praying that weaning you and switching you to formula helps. My supply always dries up once I get pregnant again, and the severe morning sickness (and being unable to keep anything down) didn’t help. We will see what the pediatrician says. I’m always petrified that even the simplest of health problems is due to your heart condition. You have been eating with gusto and drinking your full eight ounces at every feeding, so I am optimistic.




We love you, little bird! You have a lot of important doctor’s visits coming up, so instead of getting anxious, your Abuela and I are praying a novena for you. The Blessed Mother is always a great comfort to me, and I know I couldn’t do this motherhood gig without her constant intercession.

Rosie’s mobility went from army crawling to full on crawling, taking steps, AND cruising between months ten and eleven, so I’m curious to see if you’ll follow suit. Regardless, you never cease to amaze us and we’re so proud of you, baby girl.


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8 Responses to Wren:10 Months

  1. Ashley P says:

    So adorable! Happy 10 months! We just celebrated one year last week with my daughter. She is still in love with her bottle and noonie. Her first three teeth just popped out two weeks ago so I’m not that much in a hurry to take them away like I was for my son. He had six teeth at her age! Hope you are feeling better and have more energy for your little ones 🙂


    • sylcell says:

      Hey, we are still working on my three year old to give up her night time paci! I firmly believe babies give up things when they are ready, but we felt at three Ruthie might finally need a little push;) And thank you!


  2. No matter how many babies you have, it never gets old! Hmm… I feel a blog post coming! 🙂 What a beautiful girl you have!!


  3. morgan says:

    Oh my, already? Happy 10 months little cutie 🙂


  4. Boeta says:

    Congrats Wren. Oh how time flies, was looking at 17 m yesterday and in a week or 2 we are at 18m…incredible. This means a few months from now you are 1 x richer too…think how quickly 10 months went by…


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