Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween from Ariel and Cinderella! Ruth has been asking me for weeks if she could go trick or treating yet. I think it really lived up to her hype. Oh, three year olds. I can’t WAIT to see how much she enjoys Christmas. On the day of Halloween, she kept reviewing with me how her trick or treating strategy was going to go. “Mama, first I’ll knock on the door and ring the doorbell.” “That is right, Ruthie. And when they open the door, what will you say?” “TRICK OR TREAT!” “Good job! And after they put candy in your bucket, what do you say?” “Thank you!”
We went over to my mom’s house, because my parents and sisters wanted to see the girls in their costumes and mom offered to make us all dinner. (You offer us dinner, and we’re there.) The girls couldn’t wait to get in their costumes. They were very excited to see Aunt Emily the princess (they said she looked beautiful and Ruthie did not want her to ever take off her long gloves) and Aunt Rachel the Minnie Mouse. Rosie wanted to be Ariel, Ruthie wanted to be Cinderella, and Wren was a pumpkin (every one of my babies’ first Halloween costumes has been the pumpkin. I got it from Pottery Barn, so I might as well get my use out of it).




The girls were chomping at the bit, so we finally went outside to go trick or treating. I asked Ruthie if she wanted to go to the house across the street first. Ruthie said, “but it is so far away!” I surmised that this was going to be a long night. Note to self, next time put them in the wagon. We made our way down the cul de sac and the weather had gone from mild to freezing as soon as the sun went down. I kept offering the girls their coats, but they adamantly refused them. “No, I’m in my princess dress,” Ruthie said indignantly. The girls behaved very well, thanking all the neighbors and taking the number of pieces they were told to take. I was very proud of their counting.


By the way, I am never leaning over in a loose shirt for a picture again. I promise I don’t look eight months pregnant already. I only look about five months pregnant;) It started raining and getting really unpleasant after four houses, so we headed back.
When we got home, we told the girls they could have two pieces of candy. They did well with their counting again.

Real excited about the two piece rule.

Of course, don’t expect the two candy rule to be a stringent one with grandparents around. It didn’t take Ruth long to sneak behind our backs and trick Abueyay into giving her another piece of candy. Little stinker. We always have to be two steps ahead of her, and she is only three! And we both have law degrees! Well, I hope your Halloween was wonderful, whether you celebrate it or not. The girls had a fabulous time. I just love seeing their wonderment and joy at everything. I’m also enjoying eating all four pieces of what’s left of their candy. Because it is not good for them to eat candy, don’t you know.

Queen Rose.


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11 Responses to Trick or Treat!

  1. First of all, I look approximately 4 months pregnant and, to the best of my knowledge, am 0 months pregnant. Just keep that in mind. 😉

    Second of all, you better watch out with Miss Rosie! That picture. I die. She is so adorable.


  2. morgan says:

    *looool* I had a lot of fun reading your article. Halloween isn’t that popular in Germany, but it gets more popular every year, thanks to U.S. movies and series and advertisements. Didn’t have that many trick-or-treaters coming over, since our street is somewhat hidden and there are only two families with “small” kids live here. Will blog soon about our Halloween experience! At least I hope so 😉


    • sylcell says:

      Yes, I’d love to know what it is like in Germany!


      • morgan says:

        That video about sums it up:

        Although I didn’t know the connection to the Gulf War in ’91.
        Fact is that St. Martin’s day ( is FAR more popular with lantern processions organised by almost everyone – churches, kindergartens, schools… including of course crafting lanterns beforehand in schools, churches, kindergartens… All kids are getting excited about St. Martin’s day and my kids are singing (more like screaming) lantern songs for weeks now. There’s not that much room for Halloween left 😉

        I don’t know how it is in blocks where lots of families live, in our block, us and our neighbors are the only ones with families, the rest are middle-aged couples (whose kids already moved out) or senior citizens, to whom the whole concept of Halloween is most probably a mystery 😉

        As for the “trick-or-treating” 😉 We’ve got the “Sternsinger” (carol singers – that are sent out in groups on December 26th by the catholic churches and return on January 6th. It’s a campaign by Kindermissionswerk to collect donations for projects in foreign countries to support kids over there. They knock on the doors, sing carols and write a “house blessing” (the first letters of “Christus mansionem benedicat” surrounded by the year) on doorjambs. It’s tradition that they dress up as the Three Kings from the Bible and it’s also tradition to thank them by giving out candy or fruits. Just like trick-or-treating 😉


      • sylcell says:

        What lovely traditions! And I love that they all have religious roots!


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