That Time We Took all the Girls to the Doctor

Both Rose and Wren were born on the 17th of their respective months, so their pediatrician well visits tend to end up on the same day (thank God!) In fact, I remember blurting to the nurses (I think Scott was around too somewhere) that someone had to call and cancel Rose’s 15 month appointment while I was in labor with Wren. Not sure if that ever got done.

Anyway, my mother kindly agreed to take the Bass family circus to the doctor’s office. Ruth spent the whole trip there saying that the Doctor was going to hurt her and make her sick. I have no idea where she even gets this stuff. Next she’ll be saying he has the eye of a goat and is going to steal her soul. (I was dragging her along so that she could get her flu shot, by the way.)

We got the the exam room and Rose and Wren were weighed and measured. I had suspected my supply had taken a dip since this horrible morning sickness, and my suspicions were confirmed. Wren’s weight gain has slowed down too much. We’re due for another weigh in next month. I guess this means I have to wean now. I am by no means a crunchy breast milk is wondrous magic type mama, but I always get really sad when I have to wean. One of these babies I’ll be able to nurse for the whole year, I hope. IMG_3020.JPG




Rose and Wren needed shots, and they were not happy about it, obviously. Ruth had an abrupt change of heart and was suddenly all about the pediatrician. She pulled a stool up right next to him, and watched him do Rose and Wren’s check ups with an enraptured look on her face. Then, she kept begging him for a check up. He very kindly obliged by listening to her heart with his stethoscope. She told me when I was putting her to bed tonight that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. That girl does nothing in halves.




Rosie felt strongly about her shot. The lollipop seemed to greatly improve her attitude, however.



Wren got a prick on her toe to check her iron levels. At the end of the appointment, the doctor was checking her throat and said, “there is something in her mouth!” He reached in and pulled out the bandaid that had been on her toe just a second ago. I guess from now on I am going to have to insist to the nurses that they not put bandaids on my babies. Pretty much everything is a choking hazard to a nine month old. It’s not stressful at all.

This was the first time I had seen the pediatrician since Wren’s heart diagnosis. He saw that I was distraught and assured me that the heart surgeons were excellent here. I pretended to be relieved.

Still feeling blessed to have these three girls, though. They behaved beautifully at the appointment today. I just wish the staff at the pediatrician’s office weren’t so exasperating. Every time I try to combine the appointments of the girls (so that I don’t have to show up at their office three times in one week!) they act like I just asked them to hack into the CIA mainframe. They start typing furiously for ten minutes, only stopping to glare at me, ask me several times which children I am talking about, when were they born, who is their doctor, and do they all have the same doctor. Then they hand me a card with three separate appointments written on it, and I have to hand it back and explain yet again that I would like to combine some of those appointments. Today, the lady just admitted defeat and told me that she would just have to have someone else figure out a good time for Ruth’s next appointment and have them give me a call. I had been there watching her struggle for ten minutes, so I just agreed and left with my three hungry children who were over it. I’m off my game because of this terrible morning sickness, so I am still going to end up going back to the pediatrician’s office this week, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy to fight with strangers.

Ok, I want to end this post on a good note, so let’s see. I love our pediatrician! He is the only reason I haven’t switched practices despite the deplorable staffing. He was very sweet to the girls and very happy for us that we are expecting again. When you find a good doctor that you trust, you stick with them!


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21 Responses to That Time We Took all the Girls to the Doctor

  1. katylady says:

    As the oldest of five, I have vivid memories of all-morning pediatrician visits–they just cleared the schedule for us for a few hours, and we were checked out, assembly-line style! Going to the Navy clinic for immunization so was the worst, it was first-come-first serve, and no toys or TV. Totally agree on the annoying scheduling drama, and so far we only have two. Even the staff at my OB office get prickly when I insist on an early morning appt at the location 5 min from my house (instead of the one 45 min away), or an ultrasound adjacent to my OB visit, instead if two hours apart (what can I realistically do in that time, and what sitter wants to deal either that?). Pffft.


    • sylcell says:

      Yeesh. We’re not trying to make your job difficult medical staffer, we’re just trying to make our schedules make practical sense! I have never had any scheduling problems with my OB, thank God. Although the wait time there is pretty awful.


  2. Oh, I can relate to every word of this! I bet your little girl will make a wonderful doc one day though! The bandaid in the mouth–hilarious–that’s a new one. I mentioned you on my blog today–a list of my favorite blogs–don’t worry about writing up an award post. Just skip that and enjoy being mentioned. 🙂


  3. Alana says:

    I just love Wren’s disposition in all of these photos! What a total love!!! I also LOVE the frozen skirts. Why oh why are receptionists at doctors’ offices so darn impersonal. One of ours acts like every. single. thing. I say is the most mundanely annoying thing she’s ever heard. Lovely.
    Love how you ended this on a positive note despite maybe wanting to wring the front desk staff’s necks 😛 great post as always! xo


    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! Wren really does have a lovely disposition. Mom says she is such an easy baby! Now that she sleeps through the night, I can finally agree. Ugh, those staffers are being intentionally obtuse, I just know it! But I don’t want to end a post sounding like a whiner, lol.


    • sylcell says:

      Oh! And a dear friend made those skirts for the girls! They love them.


  4. morgan says:

    I’m really happy with our pediatrician. She is a great doctor and we also love her staff. The girls are just great and they ALL try to combine our appointments as best as possible – even without me asking for it.
    The only thing they refuse to combine are the “yearly” checkups. Here in D, we’ve checkups called the “U”s, with U1 at birth, U2 at day 3-10, U3 at about 4weeks, U4 at about 3 months, U5 at 6 months U6 at 1year and then every year until they reach elementary school. Starting with U7 (at 2 years) these checkups get lengthy – about an hour – because they not only measure and weigh them but they also play different games to find out if they are well developed both physically and mentally. One checkup is enough! Although if there’s a checkup ahead and one of the other kids needs a shot, they do combine it, because usually I have to drag all three to the doctor’s anyway…
    These “U”-exams are mandatory and the doctors have to report to Social Services that they examined the kid. If you don’t show up for your appointment in the given timeframe, you get a “nice” reminder in your mail. If you still don’t show up then, I honestly don’t know what happens then. Most probably you get a “nice” visit from Social Services…
    How is it in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world?


    • sylcell says:

      So we have the pediatrician come visit the newborn every morning that we are in the hospital after they are born, at one week, one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months, one year, 15 months, 18 months, 2 year, and then yearly after that. Every appointment is just weight, height, and immunizations. They are not mandatory, but even with really crappy insurance plans like ours, they are completely covered by the insurance company. They don’t do any mental and physical tests, they just ask you if they are hitting specific milestones and around 18 months, you answer a questionnaire that basically tests for autism. A lot of people here refuse the immunizations, not sure if anyone refuses to do the checkups. There is no penalty for that, though.


  5. i wouldn’t feel too badly about weaning for such a good reason… another BABY! I love doing well-child checks in the clinic, they are so fun, and I really like the 2-4 year old little ones that I can sing Doc McStuffins to, they love that I know some kid stuff 🙂

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  6. We tried to do the same thing with the boys until now- after 3 they go A WHOLE YEAR until their next well visit! Of course, there are plenty of sick calls between to combine. It just makes it easier if we can go at once- I’m sorry that the staff at your office isn’t more understanding of that. And I hope you are feeling better soon! I know that you can continue to nurse until you would like to stop (although I did not BF so I can’t offer any experience), but if you’re not quite ready, perhaps supplementing might be better than completing weaning for you? Will baby 4 have a birthday close to any of the girls? My boys are 6 weeks apart in the spring and G will be 6 and 7 months apart from them, respectively- a winter baby is a whole new thing for me!


  7. Boeta says:

    Echo that, we love our dr too. We had a scan appointment with Dr. when water broke, he did the delivery, afterwards dad asked dr if it would be ok to cancel the appointment… he he.


  8. Sara says:

    idea to lump them all together!


  9. Sara says:

    We loved our pediatrician in ga… Despite is completely incompetent staff and Ice-cold nurse. He was worth It. What a great ide


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