Rosie is TWO!

Well, she turned two on Friday, but things have been a bit crazy here lately. More on that later.

Dear Rosie,

You are two years old. Two years ago, your daddy and I were headed to the hospital to finally meet you. I was fine, your daddy was extremely nervous, for the record. When you were born, your father and I were immediately struck by how deep your voice was. You had by far the deepest cry in the nursery. It made us giggle. You nursed like a dream and have heartily enjoyed your food ever since. Thank you for being my resident chubby baby. Sorry for all the thigh pinches. I just can’t help myself!




Milestones: You talk all the time in your baritone voice. Your favorite phrases are: I can’t weach it! (I can’t reach it), Key careful! (Be careful), You goof (usually directed at me), follow me! , carry you? (You are still my snuggly baby and love being held), wite der! (Right there), Watch Hugglemonstuw? (You love the Henry Hugglemonster show), and my personal favorite: Yook at my dwess! I’m a bootiful pwincess! (Look at my dress, I’m a beautiful princess.) You are also the ONLY one who can get Wren in a fit of giggles. You walk, speed walk, and jump. You can walk up and down the stairs really well as long as you are holding mommy’s hand. You have surgical precision with the spoon and fork. Strangers always marvel at it when we are eating at restaurants. You have a little trouble going to sleep when we put you down for the night, but sleep like a champ once you are down and HATE getting up in the morning (you get that from mommy.)





Likes: Lots of favorite foods: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, milk, cheese, apples, peas, basically any kind of fruit you could eat your weight in. You love singing songs and dancing. Your favorite movie is Cinderella. Your favorite song is “Let’s Get Down to Business” from Mulan. It is pretty funny when you sing “I’m all about that Bass” though. You have a favorite pink blankie. You are fearless and laugh uncontrollably when Daddy roughhouses with you. You love snuggling and being carried even though it feels like you are pushing 40 lbs. You love accessories and cannot leave the house without a necklace or bracelet or crown. If it were up to you, you would wear dresses every day, the frillier the better.

Dislikes: Getting up in the morning, napping, when Ruthie takes anything g you happen to be holding, dinner (since it is usually not fruit), wearing outfits that you haven’t picked out, mommy not holding you as much as you’d like. (If it were up to me, we would snuggle all day long, baby girl!)





Even though you were born with a scowl on your face, you have been the most joyful child. You almost always have a huge smile on your face and are more than ready to have a good belly laugh with everyone.




Happy birthday, sweet girl. Every day I thank God for giving you to us.


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7 Responses to Rosie is TWO!

  1. LorraineTee says:

    That 3rd pic with overflowing baby rolls – so absolutely precious!


  2. morgan says:

    Looooove that death stare!!! For quite some time, my daughter was able to pull that one off while still keeping an entirely crinkle-free face. Not even her brows were furrowed. It’s a mystery to all of us 😀
    Can’t help it, they are sooo cute when giving you the evil eye, I’ve got to admit that sometimes I try to annoy them on purpose. 😀 :/ 😀


  3. Emily says:

    This is a bit of wonderful.


  4. Matty Perez says:

    Like it a lot!

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