Wren: 9 months

I’m going to do Wren’s monthly update a day early since Rosie’s birthday is tomorrow and two posts in one day sounds exhausting!

The little bird is nine months old! I know I feel this way about every age, but nine months is my favorite.


For this post, I gave up on trying for lovely photos with lots of white space. I am no photographer, and I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone.

Milestones: You are sitting up like a champ now, and sleeping through the night pretty regularly (Alelluia!) You wave, shake your head no, and clap! You also said “Ma,” today, much to your mama’s excitement. You are getting up and army crawling a bit, but seem to have no inclination to get up on your hands and knees. Every time I try to get you to do it, you fall on your face (sorry!) You are also honing your pincer skills while you are killing some puffs! You can hold your own bottle and fruit pouch (that is more of a milestone for me). If you are holding onto something, you can stand for a bit. My children tend to be more brains over brawn. You also cut two little bottom teeth!

Success! Here are some failed attempts.


How do moms take pictures of baby teeth? I always end up looking mildly abusive.

Likes: Eating, playing with whatever your sisters are wearing, chatting with people, being held, rolling around on the floor getting into things you’re not supposed to, your sisters’ toys, and your blankie.

Dislikes: Your car seat, being left alone, being hungry, baths, being sick, having your diaper changed. You’re a pretty happy baby and not much bothers you!





We love you, baby girl. You light up our lives. Currently, you are on the floor grabbing my toes with your hands and feet while I am on the couch writing this. You are the third baby, so you spend most of your time on the floor. Sorry! You don’t seem to mind.






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4 Responses to Wren: 9 months

  1. LorraineTee says:

    Happy 9 months, Wren!


  2. morgan says:

    What a cutie!!! ❤
    When our oldest got his first teeth at nearly 11 months I managed to take a pic with my SLR camera while he was smiling. I then cut his mouth out and scaled it up. and Up. AND UP. 😀


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