Conversations with Ruthie

We spend many a pleasant early morning conversing in the bathroom while Ruth does her morning business. She is always the first to rise (other than Daddy) and yells from her crib, “Mommy! I have to go peepee!” She knows that phrase is sure to get the fastest results. I record our conversation this morning for your viewing pleasure. To set the scene, she has her plastic toy horse in her hand that was once the childhood toy of her Abuela.

Ruth: Making clicking noises with her mouth. “Mommy, do you hear that?”

She puts her hand to her ear and cocks her head to one side as she continues making clicking sounds.

Me: “Yeah, I hear that. What is it?”

Ruth: Putting her hand to her ear again. “Yisten carefuwy!” She keeps making the clicking noises as she makes the horse clip clop along the counter. “Da noise is coming from his beak!” She helpfully points to the horse’s mouth.

Me: “You mean the horse’s mouth?”

Ruth: “Yes.”

Well there you have it, folks. A horse with its own sound effects.

And you heard it here, straight from the horse’s beak er, mouth?IMG_2527.JPG


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6 Responses to Conversations with Ruthie

  1. gotta love a good toilet conversation! 😉


  2. Siné says:

    Toddlers say the cutest things!


  3. Mary says:

    I yuv it!

    Sent from my iPod


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