A Black Plague Themed Birthday Party

Ruthie had her third birthday party yesterday. If you were hoping for gorgeous pictures of Martha Stewart-worthy handmade decorations and a charming theme like, “Voyage to Paris,” well . . . . sorry. I think I must be the least crafty girl on the planet. When I was in high school, my 12 year old sister accused me of making people’s birthdays worse with my abysmal “happy birthday” posters. I was forced to agree.

Anyway, when I asked Ruth what kind of birthday party she wanted, she gave me two criteria: a bouncy house and an Ariel cake. That I can do, little curly top.


We were able to rent a bouncy house and my cousin, who bakes delicious treats, made her a cake. We were very pleased with both.

As I mentioned in this post, Ruthie had thrown up two days before her party. I had been hoping against hope it was an isolated incident and not a stomach virus, but in keeping with Murphy’s Law, she threw up again the night before her party. I had invited a bunch of little friends for Ruthie to have at her party and play in the bouncy house with. I felt it was proper mommy etiquette to text them all and inform them that Ruthie had thrown up again. Quite understandably, they all decided not to be in attendance after all. Who could blame them? Taking care of kids sick with the stomach virus is hell (so much vomit and diarrhea!) I was so disappointed, though. It felt like we were on a ship that had to fly the “Black Plague on board” flag the same day a yacht party was planned.

I knew that my family and Scott’s family would all still come, as my family are all adults and I am the only one with small children. My twin laws were also troopers and came with their two children to help Ruthie celebrate. I am so grateful that they did. My nephew is six months older than Ruthie and whenever they get together, they are thick as thieves. And it was good to see my little baby niece and commiserate with my sister in law because my niece and Wren are eerily similar. Our neighbor and her three year old daughter also braved it out for a few hours.

Ruth had a marvelous time, and other than looking a little pale, had no symptoms of the stomach virus all day. Thank God! She was able to enjoy her day to the fullest.

The beautiful sign my sis in law made for Rue.




After she opened her first gift (a tutu my sis in law made), she was pretty much finished with the gift-opening and just wanted to prance around in her tutu.





Her cousin explaining to her how the “Amulet of Avalor” works. We have some hardcore “Sophia the First” fans around here.




OBSESSED with her curls.



Ruth was restricted to a diet of gentle foods like Popsicles, but I must have been crazy to think I could offer a Popsicle to just one toddler.




This was the first time we attempted to have anything other than a family party. However, it ended up being a family party anyway due to the pestilence. Luckily, a good time was had by all, despite all my worrying and disappointment. I had the party built up in my head as going a certain way, and was anxious that it was going to be different from that. But it was a fabulous party. And like Scott said that evening, Ruthie had a wonderful time, and that is all that matters. We love her so!



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7 Responses to A Black Plague Themed Birthday Party

  1. Alana says:

    Thank goodness the family wasn’t afraid of the epidemic that swept your home. What a GREAT birthday party though. My daughter would be OVER the moon if this was her birthday, plague or no plague.


  2. morgan says:

    Oh my A BOUNCY CASTLE. My kids would’ve LOVED that one.
    I’m sooo happy that some kids came over and she had fun and apparently liked her light diet of cake and posicles!

    We celebrated our daughters “kiddie party” on saturday as well (she also turned 3). She wished for a castle cake (mold by nordic ware) and so we made her a knight-themed party, complete with helmets, a dragon hunt (a pinata) and knighting them at the end of the day (with daddy’s huge decorational sword). they loved it – my daughter later sat on the toilet pondering who might have hung that dragon in our cherry tree. she couldn’t decide between “he hung himself”, “mommy/daddy/ NOT-our-neighbor hung him up” and “someone magicked him up there” (but she was pretty sure that it was NOT the “great and evil sorcerer Petrosilius Zwackelmann” – that’s a character from my kids’ favorite book these days, the “Robber Hotzenplotz”) .
    Although my daughter yesterday told us she didn’t like it that much because she’s afraid of the dragon. But she loves her helmet and her sword. And that the dragon lay Suprise Eggs and had gummy bears as intestines…


    • sylcell says:

      “Her light diet of cake and Popsicles!” You make me laugh! I want to see a blog post on your daughter’s party! It sounds brilliant!


      • morgan says:

        you started it with your “gentle foods like popsicles” 😀 honestly, that’s hilarious!!!
        My daughter just told my son a couple of weeks ago, that if he pukes, he has to drink lukewarm tea.
        To this day, they are pretty confused why I drink tea and ask me occasionally if I really feel well… 😀


      • sylcell says:

        Well you either drink it because you are sick or for your enjoyment, but not both! (Hahaha)


  3. christywulz says:

    Your posts always crack me up. Happy birthday to little Ruthie! Little Mermaid is a sweet theme.


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