Happy Birthday to Rue!

Dear Ruthie-

This day three years ago, your father and I were nervously driving at the crack of dawn to the hospital. We couldn’t believe it was time to meet you already. You had been stubbornly breech for most of my pregnancy, and with my low amniotic fluid and my tiny first time belly, it was going to be much safer for you to enter the world via a scheduled C section. I remember your large head was wedged up in my lungs and your little feet were up by your head poking me under my rib cage.

When you were born, your cry was a high pitched “allllla!” You had a lovely singing voice even then. They wrapped you up and showed you to us. Your father exclaimed, “she is beautiful!” I thought you looked . . . . . like you had been squished under a rib age for months. Poor sweet thing!

Daddy followed you to the nursery and took the above very first picture of you and proudly sent it to all of our loved ones.

The day I held you for the first time was one of the happiest days of my life.


We named you Ruth after your great great grandmother, the beloved matriarch of your father’s family.

Meeting your great great Grandma Ruth!

Milestones: You talk all the time now and we can actually understand what you’re saying! You can run, hop, and dance like no one is watching. You can also turn somersaults. Our little tumbler. You eat with utensils (if you feel like it) and can drink out of a cup without spilling most of it. You use your imagination now when you are playing, and it is fascinating to watch. You sleep and nap like a champ, and you use the potty perfectly during the day (unless I don’t remind you to go pee and it has been more than three hours since you’ve done it last). You sing beautifully. Disney songs are your favorite (of course.)





Likes: Listening to “crazy music” in the car, singing, dancing, strawberries, sleeping, helping people out, Little Einsteins, The Little Mermaid, playing with friends, swimming, going to visit your grandmothers, dressing up like a princess.





Dislikes: Blueberries, pants, people invading your personal space, if we do things for you that you can do yourself, being cold.


We love you little Rue! You have brought so much joy into our lives. Happy birthday, Rue bear.

In other news, Ruthie threw up again tonight. It is too late to cancel her party tomorrow morning, but I sent a text to all the moms letting them know. She is handling the disappointment that her little friends can’t make it well. I am working hard to follow her example. The best laid plans of mice and men . . . . . .






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7 Responses to Happy Birthday to Rue!

  1. Mary says:

    Happy birthday little Rue! You introduced us to one of the greatest joys on earth, being a grandparent .


  2. morgan says:

    Happy Birthday Ruth!!!
    I hope you get well soon so you can eat all that left over cake!!!

    Oh and I LOVE that picture with you and your mommy. You both look so adorable!
    (and I’m a little envious! in all those hospital pictures with my newborns I look like I just ran a marathon. Which I did. Sort of…)


  3. dsudatta says:

    A very very happy birthday to Ruth!!
    God bless you!!


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