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The lovely (seriously, her curly hair makes me miss mine) and very talented mommy to the adorable toddler Boeta kindly nominated my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you, lady love. That means a lot coming from a blog that I find inspiring. It chronicles her adventures with her tot and husband as they explore the fascinating wildlife in South Africa. And the photography is breathtaking. Go to her blog and check it out.


As far as I can tell (correct me if I am wrong, fellow bloggers), the nomination process does not actually lead to one blogger officially winning the award, so I will force my competitive spirit to simmer down. However, it does seem to be an excellent way for readers to discover new blogs that they would really enjoy. I would like to contribute to this noble effort, so I am passing the blogging love along and “nominating” some of the blogs that I find inspiring.

The rules for this nomination are as follows: (Cue my herald voice and unroll the parchment)

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their very inspiring site.

2. Mention the rules. But it doesn’t say you can’t break them

3. Nominate who you think should receive this lovely award (and let them know on their sites).

4. Tell the blogging world something they don’t know about you.

Without further ado, here are my nominations:

Life in these Times

The life and times of a lovely lady, her handsome husband, sweet little girl and bouncing baby boy. She has a refreshingly honest yet positive view of motherhood and as a Bradley Method birthing coach, has helpful insights on pregnancy and childbirth. She also sells adorable baby clothes and accessories on her Etsy shop!

Butler, Party of Three

This blog has a little bit of everything! Her marriage and child rearing advice, her religious devotions, and her passion for health and wellness are all inspiring. And seeing her adorable toddler Jase grow up is an added bonus!

Six in the morningside

This blog has delicious, healthy recipes and gorgeous photography. And little baby Evie is a doll!

Stories of our Boys

I feel like this mama to four boisterous boys is a kindred spirit. She is funny and encouraging about motherhood, and has great information on a host of topics, from pregnancy to childhood epilepsy. Her blog is an inspiring and entertaining read. I can so relate to her posts!

Welp, that would be my list of inspiring blogs. I hope to continue to find many more that I love. Now onto a few things you may not know about me. I’ve only been blogging since April, so that should be easy, right? (Suddenly wishing I didn’t use this blog to talk so much about myself. . . . .)

1) I am a Greek mythology geek. I got my first D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths when I was a little girl, and I have been hooked ever since. My favorite goddess is Athena because she is gorgeous, wise, and can give Ares a good thrashing if he needs it. And she was the only one that would help poor Odysseus out!

2) I was involved in a horrible car accident when I was pregnant with Ruth. Someone ran a red light and T boned us. My husband pulled me out of the car and shoved me in the car of a kind Samaritan who had pulled over to offer to help and instructed him to rush me to the hospital. Luckily, Ruth and I were fine and I did not end up going into labor, but I spent a very anxious night in the hospital worrying about my baby.

3) I am an avid reader and don’t think anything worth a damn was written after 1960. My apologies, but I am a huge snob and fan of the classics.

4) Above factoid notwithstanding, I did read all of the Twilight series. And enjoyed them. I am not proud of this, but I am glad to get that off my chest.

5) I love musicals and think Les Miserables has the most beautiful music ever written. The book is also the most sublime tale of redemption that has ever been written. If you can slosh through the endless part about the sewer system in 19th century Paris, that is.

6) I have been to Madrid, Córdoba, Granada, Valencia, Seville, Alicante, Toledo, Ávila, Prague, Vienna, Rome and Florence, but other than that I have never been outside of the Southeastern United States. (Yes, I have a soft spot for Spain. It is so beautiful.)

7) I am the oldest of four, three girls and a boy. My brother is the youngest and has seen enough weeping teenage girls to last a lifetime.

Sheesh, that was harder than it should have been. I guess I am guilty of the overshare. Hopefully, I’ve shared some blogs you will enjoy following!

What are your favorite blogs?



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12 Responses to Bloggers who inspire me

  1. Catching up on my blog reading and came across this!! Thank you!!! I do agree. I knew you were a kindred spirit when I read your post “to the mother with 4 children”– I know that one was a while back, but it was so good, I still remember it. …probably b/c I have 4 children and I just so appreciated that post!!! Also, I am so impressed with all the European travel! Someday….someday! Oh, and I’m from the southeast too. Roll Tide.


  2. morgan says:

    Oh you’ve been to Ávila! I’m a little envious. My dad wanted to take me and show me the city of the saint they named me after (yes, morgan is my internet name and since my dad lived in Spain in his youth they gave me spanish names), but it looks like we’ll never make it. If you ever get the chance to, visit the north of Spain. It’s soooo beautiful there. Been to Bilbao (a lot), the pyrenees (yes, including Lourdes 😉 although that’s in France) and over the years my parents dragged us kids all over the Camino de Santiago, including Santiago de Compostela itself. Although at that time I didn’t appreciate it that much (horrible roads caused us kids to puke frequently) I can’t deny that it is really beautiful there.

    Read the Twilight series, too. In fact, it’s the reason my english is now as good as it is, cause they got me infected and since then I don’t think I read more books in german that I can count on the fingers of one hand (excluding those by german authors, of course!). Before that, my english was poor (but most probably still better than the average german’s english, hehe)


    • sylcell says:

      I’m guessing you’re not named after San Juan de la Cruz, so the only other option is ______! (Yay, I know your name now! And it is beautiful:)) I would just love to go to northern Spain. That is where my grandfather’s family is from.


      • morgan says:

        Thank you. I also think it is beautiful, but it gave me a lot of pain while growing up. I always wished for a generic name like all the other girls (we had plenty of girls called Stefanie, Melanie, Sabrina or Nicole in school), because I had to spell my name out every time. Not cool. Especially when at some point everybody called you only by the first of your two names and your dad hung up on everyone NOT asking for me correctly (using both my names of course). He even once hung up on the guy I now call my husband. EMBARASSING! As if the usual teen doesn’t have enough already to be embarassed about 😀 Over 14 years later, hubby still things my parents are somewhat crazy people… 😉


  3. Aw, shucks. Thank you! I will definitely have to check out the rest!


  4. Alana says:

    Oh your brother poor brother! Lol. *Sigh* Les Miserables. I almost want to cry at the mere mention. At age five, my parents bought the double-cassette set. And I quickly memorized many of the songs. Not surprisingly, my parents figured it was above my head and didn’t pay the price tag to have me join them to go see the musical. The day after they went, I clung onto their every word with baited breath, excited to hear ONE more detail about what they had seen. I’ve seen the musical twice, the most recent movie once and have listened to the countrack so scrupulously and frequently, it’s ridiculous. I want to read Hugo’s book, just haven’t gotten their yet…. I’ll stop now, but I just had to say, “I love les Mis!!!”


    • sylcell says:

      So good to find a kindred spirit! The Dream Cast soundtrack is in my humble opinion the best recording. I was in physical pain when I watched that movie. Russell Crowe butchering “Stars” was more than I could bear! And when you are used to hearing ethereal voices for Jean Valjean and Fantine, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were only passable


  5. LorraineTee says:

    Hahaha! I had to lol on the Twilight Series!


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