Lantern Parade

I have decided that even though it is a huge pain in the rear and not to mention extremely stressful to take the girls out, to see the looks of delight on their little faces when we are on an outing makes it all totally worth it.

This evening was one of those times. A fellow graduate of mine from Westminster (a local private high school in Atlanta) has started a new bar/restaurant called Ladybird. The restaurant overlooks the Atlanta Beltline, which was hosting a lantern parade. We figured we would kill two birds with one stone (sorry, I never realized what a brutal metaphor that was) and check out the new restaurant and watch the parade. The place was packed, but was humming right along quite efficiently. We had to send poor Uncle Thomas (my brother in law) to the crowded bar with two sippy cups in hand to request that they be filled with water. The barman very kindly complied and Ruthie and Rosie were much obliged.

With Aunt Emily at Ladybird waiting for the parade to start.


Loves her Daddy.


Thank goodness for those sippy cups.

The lantern parade is an annual parade conducted on the Beltline where people dress up and bring their own handmade lanterns to parade with. The Beltline goes under bridges and past restaurants and residences, so a lot of people were lined up along the path to spectate. We strolled along the path among all the people with lanterns for a while, and also watched from Ladybird. The girls were tickled pink by the whole event. Except for the giant ghost lantern. Ruthie said that one was “scawy.”




My apologies for the poor quality of the photos. My iphone camera was not cutting it. Ladybird looked pretty, though!


My love affair with the Ergo continues. I just strapped Wren on and she was asleep within minutes.


Ruthie demanded to know where our lanterns were. I didn’t know the parade depended so much on audience participation! Next year, we’ll do her proud. But no ghost lanterns.


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3 Responses to Lantern Parade

  1. I am so with you on thinking outings with small children is so much work. It is! ! You are right. It’s worth it. Most of the time. Usually. 😉


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