Trip to the High

Today we were invited to go to the High Museum in Atlanta. Apparently, the High has some diverting activities for kids. We weren’t even there for a specific children’s event (which they offer too), but there was still a little room full of fun activities for babies and toddlers. It is definitely worth checking out.

My sister came over to my house in the morning to help my get the kids dressed and ready. I put on their cutest outfits (we don’t get out much, so we like to put their best foot forward) and we headed over to the museum. I was shocked that we were leaving with plenty of time to spare for once. What a difference a helper makes when you are getting three children dressed and fed! My girls have crazy curly hair, so I did my best trying to make their hair look done, at least. We get to the museum parking deck right on time and Rosie’s neat little top knot has turned into a rat’s nest in the 20 minute trip there. Her hair band had disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle of hair bands that haunts the backseat of my van. Never to return. I panicked and pulled Wren’s head wrap off to put on Rosie’s head. It didn’t do much to ameliorate the situation, but I at least felt like I did something.


We wandered around the parking garage that had vague signage like “Club Level” or “Campus Entrance,” which totally blew our chances of arriving on time. Ruthie admitted to us that she was scared. Scared wasn’t quite how I was feeling at the time. Bewildered and frustrated would be closer to the mark. I get lost at every Atlanta outing. And I grew up here! Anyway, we finally asked a kind gentleman for directions, and he led us to the museum.

Our mommy friends had very sweetly waited for us, and we entered the museum, which had a room devoted to baby and toddler activities. It also specified that it was not designed for school groups, which was a relief. School groups tend to be comprised of older kids that run amok and trample the toddlers. There were blocks, magnets, drawing easels, and interactive art. The girls had a blast. Even the younger babies in our group had a good time. It was also small enough that the caregivers could socialize without wondering where their wards went. Ruthie was having such a good time, she ran around shouting, “Help! Help! Hooray!” (I believe she means “hip hip hooray,” because she never appears to be in any distress when she says that.)



The girls just love their “Aunt Emiwee.”





When it comes to blocks, bigger is better. And you can always use the little blocks to stick in the holes of the big ones.





Even Wren had a good time. Baby wearing when you have three under three isn’t a lifestyle choice, it is a necessity! I don’t know what I would do without my handy Ergo always stashed in my car.



What are your favorite places to have play dates?


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9 Responses to Trip to the High

  1. morgan says:

    We just usually meet at some playground nearby. Or in someones garden. Or if the weather is bad, we meet in someones home. The last two options are the easiest cause we know that area and don’t have to carry everything with us.


    • sylcell says:

      Yeah I am always torn to invite people over for play dates because it is SO much easier for me, but I can’t help but be anxious that they are judging me for how untidy and unfinished my home is!


  2. cheryl says:

    I love that anchor dress! Where did you find that gem???


  3. christywulz says:

    PS- Miss you all so much. This looked like a super fun time!


  4. christywulz says:

    We love going to Splash Pads around Boston- at least in the summer time they are a great way for all the kids to get outside, get dirty, and have fun!


  5. Kathya says:

    I am telling you, shea moisture leave in conditioner at target, will help with those curls. Lulu has the same problem (if you can call it that) and that leave in conditioner is a lifesaver and time saver for me.
    Grand Rapids even has a FB group for playdates!!!. I always drive solo so we do what is convenient to us. We love visits to the library, Blandford nature center which is walking distance from my place, Meijer Gardens which is just hectares and hectares of gardens and art center and… chuck e cheese! we let the girls run wild in there and by themselves. To say the least, we leave with a bunch of printed pics and cards. 🙂


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