Labor Day Weekend

Cheers to long weekends! Ours was low key, yet delightful. I make a habit of visiting my abuelos at least once a week, and we made it over there on Friday. I wish I could visit my father’s mother more often, but she is in an assisted living complex about an hour away. With three under three, places that are an hour away might as well be days away.

To be honest, it doesn’t hurt that my abuelos live in a veritable Garden of Eden, complete with beautiful flowers, a bustling bird feeder, and a pool. In the summertime, their backyard is in its element. Ruthie skipped her nap, so we brought her outside to “see the birds.” I didn’t feel like changing her into her bathing suit and changing into mine (and inevitably changing Rosie into hers once she awoke and realized we were all swimming without her), so I told Ruth she couldn’t get in the pool. I was distracted by my phone for one moment and this happens.
Little rascal

Here are some shots of Abuela’s garden. If you have no interest in horticulture, feel free to skip down.





Our Saturday brought with it perfect sunny weather. We let the girls play with their water table for a while as Daddy did some yard work. We have so much that needs to be done in our yard. I will be keeping you posted on our progress as we are about to make some changes.





Saturday evening was when the Georgia bulldawgs were playing their first game, so we went to my parents’ house to have dinner and watch the game. Scott spent his third college football season in a row watching the Dawgs play with a baby in his lap. He is an old pro at it by now. He hardly ever jostles the babies around or shouts in their ears any more.

2012 College Football season

2013 College Football season

2014 College Football season

He is the best. Seriously.

Sunday was a blur of going to mass, napping (Wren is teething and going through some sleep regression), and going out to dinner with some old friends. Their second child had to have open heart surgery, so it was good to pick their brains about their experience with that. However, if I am being completely honest the more I know about open heart surgery, the more terrified for my baby I become. It was immensely comforting to know that they had such a good result and their son is now thriving.

On Labor Day, we went to an arts festival nearby. The girls were just thrilled to be going on an outing; therefore, spirits were high. They loved seeing everyone walking their dogs and pointing out every “puppy” to us. They also loved the fountain and throwing their coins in. In fact, it was exceedingly difficult to get Ruth to leave the fountain. There was also a children’s booth section with face painting. My dad was dubious as to whether Ruth and Rose would sit still long enough to get their faces painted, but my little girly girls could have been mistaken for wax sculptures while the kind lady was painting butterflies on their little cheeks.






Ruth has no sense of moderation when it comes to coin throwing.




Their relationship is interesting. Lots of tender moments coupled with near constant strife.



Everything is more fun with our little girls. The world is such a wondrous place to them, and it’s magical to watch.

What are your favorite festivals to take your family to? We are festival junkies and are always looking for new ones to attend with the girls.


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3 Responses to Labor Day Weekend

  1. lindalatuch says:

    I love your post. It is just like being there with the girls. Sorry we missed you this trip to Atlanta but we will be back soon. Keep on blogging so I can continue to be part of the girl’s life. Love always Nanny


  2. justjessmay says:

    I am so jealous, that weather looks divine! We’re on the tail end of winter here so I cannot wait to get out and about over Spring/Summer!


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