Wren: Seven Months


Dear Wren,

What the what?!! You are seven months already. Boy, does the third baby age quickly. Before I know it, you will be fighting with Daddy about whether your outfits are too revealing or not. You might as well give up on that, by the way. By the time he gets to you, he will be an old pro at sending girls back upstairs to change because he will have already been doing it for your two older sisters. Speaking of your sisters, they still never fail to make you smile and laugh. Rosie loves hugging you and holding your face while telling you to look at her. (Why? I don’t know. Toddlers are mysterious.)

Milestones: Sitting up! You can sit up for a minute or two now before toppling over. So far, seven months is the exact age all of my babies have started sitting up. You still roll around all over the place, thus officially outgrowing your play mat. You love your exersaucer and your little toys. You are also sleeping through the night! You were sleeping 12 hours straight regularly, but your vomiting episode and subsequent ER visit has messed that up a bit. You are now back to one middle of the night or early morning feeding, but we’re working on it. You also started solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Your pediatrician noticed at your six month check up that your weight gain had slowed a bit, so he recommended I start you on some puréed fruits and vegetables. You eat like a champ when you are not sucking on your thumb between bites.





Likes: Daddy (when he is in the room, you can’t take your eyes off of him!), bananas, nursing, your sisters, your bisabuela singing Cuban songs to you, and mommy dancing around like a fool trying to get you to laugh.

Dislikes: Peaches, (you feel very strongly about this. I even tried fresh Georgia peaches. No dice.), being out of your crib past 7:30 pm, being left to play alone (your sisters must be in the room with you for you to watch, or you are not happy).





Everyone remarks on how you are just the sweetest baby. And it’s true! You smile for everyone, and when you are being particularly sweet, you’ll place your hand on the cheek of whoever is holding you. It melts me. We love you, little bird.




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7 Responses to Wren: Seven Months

  1. rachandboys says:

    I have 3 boys, the youngest is 7 months and I totally agree that the third baby ages fast! I’m sure it took years for my eldest to be 7 months old lol


    • sylcell says:

      Yeah, with the oldest the pregnancy lasts decades and they are a baby for forever! Then the next babies come along and you blink and your youngest is seven months!


  2. Omgosh, so adorable. 🙂 I love when babies chew on their toes. It’s just too cute. ^-^ And i love the giraffe onesie. Robbie has a stuffed giraffe that he loves to chew on, his name is Geoffrey. It’s his favorite thing in the world. (Sometimes I think he likes it more than mommy. Lol)


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