Wren Loves Selfies

Here are a bunch of Wren selfies, from a few weeks to six months. You’re welcome.







We hope your day is fabulous and full of moments so happy, you just have to take a selfie. Because that is what the cool kids are doing these days, I hear.


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9 Responses to Wren Loves Selfies

  1. rachandboys says:

    Beautiful pictures, I love the one of her sucking her thumb. My youngest, just turned 7 months, has been the only one of my 3 boys not to suck his thumb or have a dummy, he just wants mummy x


  2. sylcell says:

    Doing it right now!


  3. That second pic is just too precious!


  4. morgan says:

    cute! made my day :-). besides my own three kids smiling up at me this morning and fighting who’s mama I am *lol* – I miss them.
    don’t all newborns look somewhat strange? mine looked like a pile of wrinkled laundry, with heads in funny shapes, too (cause they were born naturally and had big heads, they get a little out of shape during birth). I was a bit shocked every time, because … well you always see pics of cute little babies everywhere but no one tells you that those are at least a couple of days old. and cleaned up 😉
    My favorite age of cuteness starts at about 8 weeks, when those cute little cheeks start to fill out and they get all pudgy and get those indentations on theirs arms or their fingers and toes look like some preschooler tried to form them with modeling clay but essentially just made a couple of thick rolls and plastered them on a more or less round blob of clay ❤


    • sylcell says:

      I’m glad my newborns aren’t the only funny looking ones! When our first was born, we were like, “huh. She is eventually going to look normal, right?” By the time Wren was born we were used to it, haha. They get cuter and cuter thankfully. But I still LOVE the newborn stage. So sleepy and squeaky.


  5. Kathya says:

    Love me some Wren today!
    Precious. ❤


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