The girls go to the Horse Park

My in laws have horses, and my children are obsessed with them. It is not hereditary because horses terrify me. I used to always see the girls at school with neck braces and casts from horseback riding related injuries, and figured being in close proximity with the equine was hazardous.

We have a lovely horse park nearby, though, and I do have fond memories of going to feed the horses there when I was little, so when some sweet mom friends invited me to go I didn’t hesitate. I knew the girls would get a kick out of it. And such was the case.


The girls loved seeing the horses running and jumping and even just standing around. Over and over again Rosie would point to them and say, “Mama! A howasie! A howasie!” Ruth was saying, “Yook, Mama! Abe and Moyee!” (Abe and Molly are my in law’s horses.) It was a toss up for Rose which were more exciting: the horses or the abundance of good rocks in the gravel.


Comparing rocks with a friend


Leaving with her treasures

Have you ever heard of a paint horse? Well, apparently here they take the term quite literally.

Sign me up for this camp

I was a little nervous because the terrain was not suitable for strollers, so my two toddlers were just roaming free. But with the help of my kind mom friends, it all worked out fine. No one was kicked in the head, or bitten, or anything. (Can you tell horses make me suspicious?) Success!



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2 Responses to The girls go to the Horse Park

  1. Holly says:

    How adorable!


  2. loveh3 says:

    That is so cool. I wish we had something like that here.


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