How to have the perfect mommy blog

I have always loved mommy blogs. They are the only blogs I read, really. I have studied the art of the popular mommy blog intently, trying to unlock their secrets because I wanted to someday have a mommy blog of my own. I eventually compiled a list of trends I saw in all of the popular mommy blogs and melodramatically decided that I could never have a blog, because I met none of these standards. The list I have compiled is as follows:

1) Forget your camera phone. You need a professional grade camera to haul around taking photos of your kids. And your children must be able to pose in the middle of whatever adorable thing they are doing. And they must be immaculately clean and sporting the latest fashions. They also tend to nap in picturesque places (like outdoors or in your chic bed) or cuddle with adorable animals while napping. Bonus points for taking professional grade photos with your iPhone.

2) You must live in an interesting place. Either in a major city or out in the wilderness. The suburbs are not interesting. No one wants to hear about the hotbed of intrigue that is your cul de sac.

3) You must take your children to fascinating and fun places on the regular. If not, then make sure you are at home inventing some Pinterest worthy crafts.

4) Your entire family must be gorgeous. Because, duh.

5) Your home decor must be straight out of the catalogue of a young, hip, bohemian Martha Stewart. There must be no clutter, and no evidence that children live there except for a few well staged handmade toys.

6) No list posts. (Whoops).

7) No controversial posts. (Whoops again).

After reviewing this list, I had resigned myself for years to never having a successful blog. But, here I am, blogging anyway against all odds. Perhaps I’ll find a niche in the messy house, suburban, if we even make it out of the house it’s a small miracle corner of the blogosphere. I’ll end with exhibit “A.” While the popular mommy blogs tend to utilize a lot of white space in their photos, I came up with this: 20140718-144836-53316526.jpg
So. Many. Patterns.


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12 Responses to How to have the perfect mommy blog

  1. I have a professional grade camera and am good with it, I live in a very interesting place (Thailand), we are always going to interesting places and I have a very cute 2 year old… But still I find myself not being able to come up with many substantial posts!!! I read your posts and wish I could write with your flair, keep up the good work, no amount of perfectly proportioned photos could make up for a boring blog. You’re doing it right 🙂


    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! Yeah, it is so mysterious what is popular and what is not. The one post I had that went viral was just my usual ramblings. I was completely shocked about it. Wish I could replicate whatever I did!


  2. Sage Howard says:

    This post made me laugh! Thanks for your awesome blog! I completely understand what you mean so I appreciate this! Keep blogging!


  3. morgan says:

    But this is why I instantly fell in love with your blog. Because your pics look messy and you can describe the mess your kids make in such a colorful way it feels like being there.
    I love the stack of towels under Wrens bottom. I did the same, still do. But nowadays it’s only one towel and I don’t have to fold it in half anymore. 😉


    • sylcell says:

      Thank you! That means so much to me. And yes, the towel was my husband’s ingenious invention. She poops or pees during a change, you toss the towel in the laundry and put down a fresh one.


  4. We call that multi-pattern monday at our house 🙂 I appreciate the reality!!


  5. yogapace says:

    YES! YES! YES!!!! After I first started blogging, I realized how amateurish my photos were and thought that I too needed to ditch my iPhone camera, and shell out hundreds in order to be taken more seriously. Then, I realized how ridiculous this was and unrealistic this would be for me. You nailed every point!


  6. Rache823 says:

    haha this is the best perfect blog list

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mary says:

    My eyes! My EYESSSS!!!!


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