Wren: six months?!!


Dear Wren,

Today you are six months old. I know this is the common refrain among parents, but where does the time go?! You’ve grown from a newborn to a full-fledged baby!

Milestones: You are rolling around like a champ. Much sooner than your sisters did. You are ready to catch up and start playing with them! You babble and gurgle up a storm when someone is talking to you. You love grabbing your Sofie the Giraffe and shoving it in your mouth to gnaw on it. You also love splashing the water with your little hands in the bath and getting all startled when the water hits you in the face. You are not sitting up yet, but you are close! You also just started eating solids a little bit. You are undecided about whether you like them or not.

Loves: Watching your older sisters and laughing at them, your exersaucer, your play mat, kisses, sucking your little thumb.

Hates: drinking out of a bottle, sleeping.


You have had some epic diaper blow outs lately. You got your bisabuela good (she had to go take a shower), and you got your daddy while he was wearing a suit! He had to go to his godson’s baptism without a suit jacket. (Which actually worked out well because he looked very dapper in his vest).


I am excited to see how much you have grown at your six month checkup tomorrow. You seem huge to me. I am also anxious about your appointment with the cardiologist next week. I’m praying that your pulmonary stenosis will not require surgery.

You are such a happy little thing! You bring us so much joy. We love you, little bird.










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3 Responses to Wren: six months?!!

  1. Holly says:

    Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂


  2. naryamie says:

    Your girl is gorgeous. I love your blog!


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