Why we should experience the moment instead of capturing it

I am writing this post more for myself than anyone else. I struggle with this daily. In the age of camera phones and social media, we have become obsessed with trying to document our lives and forget that sometimes we need to just put the phone down and experience the moment.

I am guilty of this with my children. As anyone who follows me on Instagram can attest, I take a ridiculous amount of photos of my children. If Wren starts calling my camera phone, “Mama,” I’ll know that I’ve gone too far. I know I’ll never regret documenting their childhood, but sometimes the camera can become too much of a distraction for me. I’m so focused on trying to capture that perfect photo that will be Pinterest worthy and get a million likes and comments on Instagram (still haven’t caught that white whale), that I neglect to just put the phone down and enjoy these moments with my children and take delight in every stage of their lives.

Today, Wren was looking so cute on her play mat, I just had to take a few pictures of her! But I couldn’t find my phone, so instead I laid down next to her with our faces almost touching. She smiled, reached out, and patted my cheek. The tenderness of it brought tears to my eyes. It is a memory I will always cherish, even though I don’t have any recording of it other than my own memory (well, and now this blog). And I don’t need a million “likes” to know that it was a beautiful moment.

Blogging and social media are wonderful tools to document our lives and share our experiences with others. However, we must keep in mind that instead of merely documenting and sharing moments, we need to experience these moments ourselves! Step out from behind the camera and join your subjects! And by that I don’t mean take a selfie.



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8 Responses to Why we should experience the moment instead of capturing it

  1. Linda Latuch says:

    I so enjoy being able to share these moments with you and the girls. Being an out of town Nanny is so hard and they help me to be part of your families life. Thank you so much for the pictures. Love you all, Nanny


  2. christywulz says:

    I’m guilty of that as well. I love having the documented memories later, but it’s also a good reminder not to miss the quiet moments of love too!


  3. stacy says:

    I used to scrapbook with those pictures. Scrapbooking took me AWAY from the lives of the children I was documenting. I came to the conclusion that Jesus holds all those memories in his Sacred Heart where they linger in eternity. He perfects them, and will return them in the Fullness of Time.

    I’ve been parenting for 26 years now and have 12 kids. I don’t think it’s an either/or proposition.

    My photo developing budget over the years could’ve fed a small city (hyperbole). I treasure those pictures, and they jog memories of events I was SURE I’d never forget. (For instance, what was that cute thing “Sweetie Pie” said 5 minutes ago. “Darn! I wanted to tell Daddy…”)

    Living in the moment means accepting the joy in time, while hoping that God’s future holds endless love. Jesus I trust in you.

    Rejoicing in Hope!


  4. I struggle with this same thing. I hate when I catch myself thinking of how I’m going to post something rather than just living in the moment.


  5. So true. My boys both love my phone – and I know it’s because I do. Got to remember to put it away more often.


  6. So true and yet if you don’t somehow capture the moment some of those memories slip away. Yesterday I sat staring in wonder at a picture of my 11 year old as a newborn. I was studying every tiny feature and wondering where the time went. But yes, far more enjoyable to be present in the moment than behind a camera lens!


  7. serins says:

    😉 life is just too short, and they grow up so quickly.


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