How to quell morning sickness

I get a lot of questions from other mommies on Facebook in the form of direct messages. Although I have gleaned a substantial amount of knowledge through trial and error after having three babies in three years, I am by no means an expert. But I figured I can write down a few answers to common questions I receive. On to one of my most common: morning sickness remedies!

I was so sick with my first, I was throwing up practically every day for all nine months. By my second pregnancy, I got the vomiting reduced to half of the pregnancy. By my third. I only threw up once!

Now, to be honest, I owe a lot of my success in nausea management to my Zofran prescriptions, but if you want to go the unmedicated or OTC route, I still have some helpful tips for you!

1) Protein! This was the most effective remedy for me. Forget throwing up all those crackers that you ate first thing after you got up in the morning. Eat something with peanut butter on it right before you go to bed, and I guarantee you will feel better in the morning. Just keep in mind that Velveeta is not real cheese, and hence has no protein in it. Took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out why I kept throwing that up.

2) Never go hungry. Letting yourself get too hungry will actually make it worse. Choke something down if you can all day long, preferably with protein in it.

3) Ice pack on the back of your neck.

4) Half of a Unisom at night. This is an OTC medication. I used to get so nauseated at night, I couldn’t sleep. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Check with your OB first, of course.

5) Popsicles ( just not banana, ick)

6) Ice water with lemon juice in it

7) Chewing gum ( preferably minty, great in a pinch!) I always kept gum on me.

8) Try not to get too hot! I know lukewarm showers suck, but they’re better than throwing up. Apparently they are better than no shower at all, or so everyone kept telling me.

9) Avoid your smell triggers. For me, it was anything in a Tupperware in the fridge. My husband had to reheat things for me. I hope I didn’t just create a new smell trigger for you.

10) Get plenty of rest! Because duh. And see #4 if this is problematic for you. If you, like me, aren’t sleeping because you already have a baby in the house, well, that is a different post for a different day.

Good luck! Just remember this will be a distant memory once your precious bundle of joy arrives. Eyes on the prize!



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2 Responses to How to quell morning sickness

  1. Jessica says:

    Ugh. I feel sick just thinking about morning sickness!

    That picture is adorable though. ❤


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